Life is beautiful

Me and my Life

  • Born

    I was born September 28, 1997 and i was two weeks late.
    (By the way the picture is a symbol for a new begining.)
  • Basketball Came along

    Basketball Came along
    My family is pretty big on sports and we have our own basketball hoop. My brother was the first to help me learn and play basketball. He got me so into and i loved it so much and always have.
    (I dont know the real date so its wrong i only know the year.)
  • Guatemala trip!!!

    Guatemala trip!!!
    The first time i actually REMEMBER going to guatemala was when i was four. I used to go down there every year but that stopped when i turned 10. Money issues but at least i have memories. I have so much family their and whenever we go down there we always have a party and do so many exciting things. Its like a true home.
  • Broken arm

    Broken arm
    (year is only accurate)
    I broke my arm when i was in !st grade in a karate accident.
    I was having a test and i got to the balance part and i was doing so good by my foot slipped but i saved my fall with my arm but then i heard a crack and my elbow broke.
  • Today's Time.

    Today's Time.
    (picture symbolizes life passing by)
    aftter so many years i had excitment, hurtful, fun, and happy memories i'm now 12. I am in many sports, traveling the world, doing exicting things and making memories with friends.