Shelby Raider's Odyssey

  • My Birth

    My Birth
    I was born on January 17 , 1994. It was a snowy cold day my mother said. My Grandfather drove my mother and me to St. Mary's Hospital. My Grandfather told me when he was driving us to the hospital the the roads were so icey that he almost slid. I was born at 5:03 pm. My mom said that when she held me for the first time she cried, because she couldent belive that she had a girl. When the nurse came to take me away she didn't want to give me up.
  • My little Brothers Birth

    My little Brothers Birth
    When my little brother was born I was so happy, because from that day on i would be a big sister! I really dont remember much about what happend that day, all i remeber is my mom going somewere while i had to stay home. The next day my grandma brought me up to see my mom and my new little brother. He was so small and cute, I wanted to hold him but i was afraid i would hurt him if I did. My mom named him Jacob Allen Raider, he was my best buddy. I loved him with all my heart and i still do.
  • My First Puppy

    My First Puppy
    My first puppy was so cute! I named him Sparky, well i didnt my mom did. He was the most cuteset thing in the world. He would play with me and we would even fall asleep in his dog house. I was in first grade when we got him. The sad thing is we had to move and where we were going, we couldent take him. I cried alot becuse I missed him. He was happy though, because he went to live with my moms friend Jermy I really never seen him after that, but he was very happy.
  • When We Found Our Cat's!

    When We Found Our Cat's!
    We found our three cat's Tom, Pixie, and Trixie. My parents were cleaning the yard up and found them. They were very little and didn't have there eyes open yet. My parents took them to the vet. The vet said that the would probably die if there were not found. So we took them in and feed them till they wer big, strong , and healthy. We still have them and we love them alot!
  • Florida Trip

    Florida Trip
    On May 27, 2007, my family and I went to Tampa Florida. We went to Clear Water Beach and it was o fun! It took us forever to get there, when we got there we got to take a cruse on a real pirate ship. I seen the ocean for the first time, and it was beatiful. In the morning at our resort we woke up to find dolphins outside our window, it was so cool.
  • My 8th Grade Graduation

    My 8th Grade Graduation
    I graduated 8th grade at Oak Hill Middle school. I was 15 years old, when i graduated it was one of the happyest days of my life. I knew that High School was comeing and I didnt really want to leave Oak Hill. When I walked in front of my family, friends, and my class mates, I was so nervous. But when I looked out at the crowd all I could see was smiling faces, and I knew that my family was very proud of me. When I got my deploma I felt so proud and I knew that I would be a wild cat forever!