Kyle Trail's Odyssey

Timeline created by kyle.trail
  • Birth of a Legend

    The day Kyle David Trail entered the world. Probably the most important day of my life considering without it I wouldn't be here. This is the day it all began.
  • Changing Homes

    My family decided to move to a bigger house to help with raising me. At this point my family is my older brother, my mom, and my dad. Although this wasn't much of a move, it was only two blocks away, but this move would determine where I would spend the majority of my lifetime.
  • Trip to Gatlinburgh, Tennessee

    This was one of the funnest weeks of my life. We rented a small house on the top of the mountain, which was complete with three floors, pool tables, hot tubs, and even a bar so me and my friends could pretend to be bartenders. On the trip we visited an amazing aquarium, a haunted house, and my personal favorite, go kart racing!
  • Parents Break-up

    Although my parents never decided to marry, they made the choice to split up for various reasons. I was very upset at their split at first, but I have learned to live with their choice. After this I lived with my mom and brother and my dad moved into his own house. Even though my parents broke up they were still friends and I was never restricted from seeing either of them.
  • Last Day at ECS

    ECS was the school I attended for Kindergarden through 6th grade. It may have been school, but I met a lot of friends here and I actually enjoyed it most of the time I was there. Unfortunatly, this was a private school and the tuition was too much for my mom to keep up with. As a result, I then decided to go through homeschooling for 7th and 8th grade.
  • Alec and Richie, the Best People I Know

    I origanally went to attend an anime (Japanese cartoons) and video game convention. While I was there aimlessly walking around the video game room, old friends i had forgotten from ECS recognized me and said hi. To be honest i was embarresed because i couldn't remember them very well. But after time i remembered the times we shared and we all became the best of friends. We promised to each other from that moment on, we would never forget about each other.
  • My Dream Come True, Trip to Japan

    This is the dream that Alec, Richie, and I have shared ever since we met. We have all desired and thought about going to Japan. We are planning to visit Tokyo, and other cities. We will need a lot of money to do this trip, but when the time comes we will go.