Odyssey Lukas Scarlett

  • My Birthday!

    My Birthday!
    On November 7, 1994, I was brought into life by my mother and father. I was born in Deaconess Hospital and had to stay an extended time there because my parents could not decide on what to name me. Luckily, my Uncle Eric, came up with the name Lukas and my parents knew it was for me.
  • First Bike

    First Bike
    In October, when I was five years old i got my first bike. I remember it like it was yesterday, it was chrome and had black handle bars, with wheels tht were made for nothing but speed. I felt so cool on my bike, almost like i could conquer the world. The craziest thing was it only had two wheels and I learned to ride it within two days of the purchase.
  • My first baseball game.

    My first baseball game.
    My first baseball game was a complete success. I knew from then on baseball was the sport for me. Even though i was only six, and did not really know the game, i loved it. Still, as i grow older my passion for baseball increases with each game and practice.
  • My First Race

    My First Race
    In the May of 2001, I went to my first racecar race. I was seven years of age and had a very nice bowl cut on my head. on this day i met Danny, the seventeen - year - old driver. I did not know who he raced for, but i wanted him to win because of how nice he was to me. I got a picture with him and it completly made my day. Sadly, Danny crashed in the sixth lap, and was taken to the hospital. I do not know how it all turned out, but i hope my long friend ended up okay.
  • First ski trip

    First ski trip
    On my first ski trip felt like we would never arrive at our destination. We went to Taos, New Mexico. It took us a total of about twelve hours to to get there, not including the time to get settled in. It was one of the best times of my life! I got to go down winding hills cover in pastly white snow, and chill with my family over Christmas Break. It was one of the best times of my life still to this day.
  • My Trip to NASA

    My Trip to NASA
    My trip to NASA was outstanding! For a kid of my age, I was in heaven getting to see all the colorfull space shuttles. I also got to see a rocket launch off and get my picture taken "on the moon." my sister cried a lot of the time so we could only stay for a little bit, but I loved every second.