Sarah Logsdon's Odyssey

  • The Day I Was Born

    The Day I Was Born
    This was the very beginning of my life. I was born weighing in at seven pounds, fourteen ounces to Annette and Joseph Logsdon. I was my mom's third child, but her first female. This affected my life more than any other event could since it was the start of my life. My mother called me the "Miracle Baby," because I almost died due to my feeding tube was almost disconnected. In result, my mother was just thankful for me being alive.
  • Parent's Divorce

    Parent's Divorce
    My parents divorcing changed my life forever. My home life would never be the same. This part of my life was hard to understand at the time since I was so young. This was one of the most tragic events of my life, since I did not get to see my father as much as I used to. Now that I am older, I know that it probably was a positive factor in my life, since now both my parents are much happier.
  • My mother remarries.

    My mother remarries.
    My mother decided to wed again to a man named Kevin Horton. They both worked at the US Postal Service, and that is how they met. Kevin and I got along exceptionally well, so I was happy for them. They wed on Feburary 1, 2001. This event changed my family life, but this time for the better.
  • My sister, Autumn, is born.

    My sister, Autumn, is born.
    My sister, Autumn, is born. She weighed in at seven pounds and six ounces. Autumn was my first younger sibling. I got to babysit for the very first time. Autumn and I got along perfectly. This changed my life, because I was no longer the baby of the family anymore and I got to feel responsible for someone else for once.
  • My second sister, Madison, is born.

    My second sister, Madison, is born.
    My second sister is born. This was my first mother's first child that she actually got to name. My mother decided to name her Madison Renee. She weighed in at six pounds, eight ounces. Madison was my mother's first child that was red-headed. This event changed my life, because after she was born I babysat a lot and that taught me a lot of responsibilty. She got the new role as the, "Baby of the family."