5 things about me.

  • The first time i went to church

    I don't really remember but church has really changed my life.Its brought me closer to God.Mass is really important because its God's palace.Its so special its changed some people that used to be bad become good people.People should respect Gods house and be .We should remember to keep the lords day holy.Thats why church is special to me.
  • Shoes

    When I was my grandmother from dad's side of the family gave me a pair of shoes and they special becuase they looked fancy and they were the 1st ever present she gave me.They were also special becuase I haven't seen her 7 years.There also special because there the only present she's ever given me.I used those shoes as church shoes and I were them for two years even when they didn't fit.That is why there special to me.
  • 1ST Basketball Game in my Life

    I was only 4 years old when I had my first basketball game,it was really exciting.It was about 8 years ago when I played my fisrt basketball game.I was playing in a league for kids that 5 to 8 years old.And I was only four years old so this exciting.The only reasons I was allowed to play were because my nieghbor was my coach,and I was getting pretty good for a four year old.It changed my life because how to play with older kids.
  • My first cologne

    On this day I got my very first cologne,my uncle gave it to me I didn't know what it was.It was a versace cologne,I found that out when I was about 8 years old.I actually starded to use the cologne when i was ten ,and that changed my life by making me beleive in my smelf.That was a really good cologne and it lasted for a ver long time.
  • My first Ipod

    My parents gave me an ipod for christmas in 2010.It was really special to me because I never had something so expensive that my parents gave me.But like about a month after my took it and broke it. And I learned to be more responsible.