5 things

  • Little Brother!

    This was unexpected, at least to ME. I was going to experience what my dad went through for a long time. Exept I only had one compared to three. I was going to have someone to take care of. I was going to have high expectations, and partial responsibility for this tiny little person who was as quiet as can be. I was small, but the bigger I got the more I would have to watch after him. My little brother. My small resposibility whose name was Noe.
  • First Day of School!

    A little red faced girl. Me. Crying. It was more like daycare than anything else but they had a playground so what could I say? Nothing really because I could barley talk. :-) The teachers were nice and it was the first step to learning. I was on my way to a life of education. I was on my way to a bright furture.
  • Getting To Know My Family

    I had always seen my family. They had seen me. The only problem was that I only saw their faces and not the people who they were. Now that I was older I was able to get to know them better. I was able to make precious memories. And I was able to get to know my FAMILY. The people who had cared for me since birth.
  • Another School?

    It wasanother day in kiderkarten. I waas restless because I was so anxious. And finally my dad came through the door to take me to an "interveiw". I arravied at a strange place, with big doors in the front and led into a strange room with only one other person. A teacher is what I thought, I answered the questions the lady asked me and then I found out that I would be going to St.Patrick for first grade. And 6 years later I am still here.
  • Little Sister!

    I had no idea. I didnt know. But she was so small. And frankly, she was cute. As if I didnt have to deal with Noe already. I had ANOTHER little, small, and WHINY sibling to take care of. But she brought a smile on my mother's face. So what if it was more? Responsibility and pateince was the key. Plus, I liked the thought of another girl to play with and share memories.
  • Wedding!

    I was able to witness and be apart of something wonderful. I was able to witness marrige. True love. Between my Auntie Larua and my new Uncle Raul. I had always looked to my auntie as one of my role models and now she was showing me something completly new.