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  • I am Weird

    I am Weird
    I am a very strange an odd child I like to laugh when I get hurt, I cry when I laugh. I am a odd person and my parents say I'm weird in a good way. I like being who I am my friends say I need to calm down. I just like fooling araund and playing aroung. I am the one of the strangest kids you'll ever meet . I am Weird.
  • The Gamer

    The Gamer
    I am a total CoD Assassins Creed Gamer I will play my video games none stop that it has become unnormal but I could control myself. Now I only play on the weekends which hurts me inside. This Is the real me a total nerd/gaming beast. I am proud to be a Gamer and my name is Envy.
  • Grandpa, I'll Miss You.

    Grandpa, I'll Miss You.
    My Grandpa is and always will be an amazing man. He grew up in a farm in Peru. His family wasn't wealthy they worrid about money alot. They still lived a happy life and loved what they did. His father died when he was a young age. He had to grow up quickly, work in the farm to make money for the family, become man of the house, and pay for his brother tution. Then many years later my gradpa moved to a city in Peru called Lima. He is a person who do things by himself,m thats why he inspires me.
  • Friends

    My friends are amazing they will helpm me through any problem I have, all the things that I'm going through, and be their when I need them most. If it wasn't for my friends St.Pat's would be a nightmear for me. Now that I have awesome friends I know that it will be the best St. Pat's year ever.
  • I am EnVy-DeCoNz

    I am EnVy-DeCoNz
    This Envy person that is in the Title is my Gamertag. I am a gamer period. I have no problem with people judging me for being that... but when im online thats a different story. When im online in any game for judging my age, my GAMERTAG, and what I sound like Iwill haqve no problem at beatig them in what ever they want me to go up against. This is why my Gamertag inspires me because I want to become better at other things, not just games.