5 Events

  • Kindergarden

    I think kindergarden was probably the most scariest year of my life because I was actually starting school. Thank God I made it out. I remember that I always get to school late. Whenever we had free time the teacher would always let us play with the toys they had. Every Friday we would always have show and tell, and I took my Disney Princess's book to show my class. Oh, how I miss those days.
  • Music

    I really like music. I like Justin Bieber, One Direction, Cher Llyod, and some other people. I think music can change a person's life in a good way. Unless you listen to music that sends a bad message. Some people don't even like music. I like some slow songs, but not very many. Some people think that the only music that sends a good message is religious music, but that's not true. There are some good songs out their that do send a good message.
  • Justin Bieber

    The day I found out about Justin Bieber was a very long time ago. It feels like it was yesterday. I still like Justin Bieber though, I'm probably the biggest belieber in my class. I like Justin Bieber because he is cute, and I like his music. He also has taught me that to always believer in yourself. Also to never give up because he got famous over YouTube, and that doesn't happen to everyone. Ever since in 2009 I have been hoping to get concert tickets, but sadly I haven't gotten any yet.
  • One Direction

    One Direction has probably changed a bunch of girls lives. The first time I found out about them was because one of my friends told me about Harry Styles, but at first I thought he was ugly. Then, I found out he was in One Direction. Even though a lot of guys hate in them I don't get why because they are like the most gorgeous human beings ever. I hope I never get over them like some people say I will.
  • My 8th Grade Experience

    I was very scared on the first day of eight grade. Turns out it actaully isn's so bad anymore. I'm still with my old friends, but sadly it's our last year together unless we go to the same high school. I chose a chapstick to represent my either grade year because I got the chapstick the same day I got my supplies for the school year. It was also brand new for a brand new school year.