5 events

  • My savings account

    My mother gave me my first savings account, so we can start saving for College.
  • my first prayer

    was to the nino de atocha and it made me feel so calm and happy at the same time it haves to be the best feeling ever felt in my life
  • My grandmas apartment

    On X-Mas my grandma took me to a drive to one of these apartments that she has. She said these are the aprtments that you are going to own in the future.
  • new york yankees

    it was my firest time going to new york yankees game it was the new york vs boston and it was the best game i ever bin to ion my hole life
  • Cooperstown, New York

    I was playing Baseball in a Travel team with Toluca and East Valley. We went to Cooperstoen New York to play, we did well. I hit 5 homeruns and 1 Grandslam!! I saw the Baseball Hall of Fame. I also went to New York to the Yankees Staidum and went in for a tour. It was exciting and fun!!
  • Sunglasses

    I started collecting sunglasses...they are pretty cool.