5 Events

  • One Giant Step...

    I can't remember much because I was still a young boy. I do know, from my parents telling me, that I was around three, however. I was quite the curious boy, so walking was a skill that I needed. Carwling was much to slow. I don't know for sure, but I think that I was deterrmined to walk. Since I was determined, I think that helped me to walk.
  • So Many New People

    My developing eyes were straining at all the new sights. All the desks, chairs, supplies, and people. I made quick friends with a few people. I was best friends with a kid named Walter. During recess, my favorite time of the day at the time, I would always play on the playground with my friends. We were the only ones playing. Everyone else was either eating their snack or talking.
  • Going Technical!

    Finally, after months of saving up, I finally got it. I was lucky to get it on sale. Minutes after my sister ordered it for me, they were sold out. I saved around 80%. My wasted all my money in one night. I personally think it was worth it. I've used it for hours and hours. The battery, the hard drive size, and the screen size are all very good. In case you're still wondering, I'm talking about my laptop.
  • Sony's Invention

    I waited in line for this for hours. I stayed up late and went store to store because they ran out of them. The one store that had them was Target. When my brother and I went in, we sprinted to the section that had them. The moment we got there, we saw only three more on the shelves. We picked up two because my cousin was going to get one as well. If you're still wondering, I'm talking about the Ps3.
  • What is This Blocky World?

    What I think is the best game ever. It is very customizable. You can get custom maps, skins for your character, mods, and texture packs. You only have to pay around thirty dollars for this game. It's been around for many years now, and the only advertisement was mouth-to-mouth. If you're still wondering what game I'm talking about, it is called Minecraft.