5 Events

  • The Importance of Family

    The Importance of Family
    When I was born it was the best day of my life. I was happy, but I couldn't express it because I was a baby. Now that I'm older I could express it. So after I was born I was happy that God gave me a wonderful family which I really loved and cared about. Everybody needs a family and I found mine. You also need a family becasue you need someone to care for you and be there for you when your in trouble or in a tough time. When I was born I knew I was happy that God gave me a wonderful family.
  • The Happiness in the Inside

    The Happiness in the Inside
    When my Aunt came from Maryland she brought with her gifts for me and my brother. She showed us some choices, but I found something that really expresses the inside of me when I'm not mad. A yellow happy face. Whenever I'm mad I always look at it the thing and it made me happy which changed my life in the inside. Everybody should be happy in the inside and the outside.
  • The Day my Mom Recieved My Love

    The Day my Mom Recieved My Love
    On November 12, 2011 it was my mom's birthday. She was so excited about her birthday that she couldn't sleep. Because it was her birthday she took a day off from work. Every year my grandma, my brother, and me always cook breakfast in bed for my mom in the morning. The present I gave her was a heart plate. I told her it was how much I loved her. She was so happy that she cried. I told her that I loved her so much.
  • My First Gold Medal

    My First Gold Medal
    I play a lot of sports. I got this medal by winning against a team that was hard to beat, but the outcome is what you see. I was so happy because that was my very first time getting a medal in soccer. All the other times I fell short to the other teams which were better. Everybody was proud of me. From then I knew it wouldn't be my last medal. This year I have a chance to get another one, but I have to work hard to get one again.
  • Jesus is Always on my Side

    Jesus is Always on my Side
    I have this little picture of Jesus in this little container. It makes me feel like he's always on my side. I take it almost everywhere so I could be safe and out of danger. I love Jesus. By having his picture with me by my side makes me feel safe. Another time when you feel Jesus is with you is when we pray. When we pray we get closer to Jesus. By having him around me makes me feel I'm closer to Jesus like he's right there by my side.