• Six of Hearts

    Six of Hearts
    Ever sice I was small my grandfather was in the Knights of Columbus and they went to casinos with my grandmother. So one day he tought me how to play 21, poker, bs, speed ,and ace. But I forgot how to play poker and ace. Every once in a while we will play a game or two.
  • Old Cars

    Old Cars
    My dad actually got me into old cars. Also probably because this girl that my dad went to school with her mom collected old cars and my dad stayed really close with the family. The girls mom just recently past. The girls dad actually got my dad into mechanic school then my dad became a mechanic. My dad teaches me how to do stuff to the car like change the wheels and the oil.
  • Orgami Ninja

    Orgami Ninja
    Going back to when I was in second grade I was in to making things with paper. Then when I was in sventh grade A kid named "Fernando" made oragamis he tought me how to make a ninja star and I showed him how to make a spinner. Then that's how we kind of met.

    I first got my Playstation 3 and opened three days after my birthday. The console came with a game called "Drakes fortune". That was my fist playstation 3 game.
  • Frisbee Domination

    Frisbee Domination
    In the middle of my sixth grade year Mr. Parent started bringing a frisbee to school. He tought me how to throw it and play the game. Ever since I have played with friends and family members. Alyssa said "It' sall in the wrists".