4th quarter timeline

  • Apr 16, 1492

    columbus sails to the Americas

    columbus sails to the Americas
    He Convinced Spain to allow him to find a route to Asia by sailing west across the Atlantic Ocean.
  • Apr 16, 1493

    Portuguesse and Spain Rivalry

    Portuguesse and Spain Rivalry
    Pope Alexaander VI tried to step in and keep peace between the two nations. He sugested drawing an imaginary dividing line, drawn north to south, through the Atlantic Ocean. giving all lands west of the line to spain and all lands to the east to portugal.
  • Apr 16, 1521

    Cortez conquers the Aztecs

    Cortez conquers the Aztecs
    He had 600 men march to the Aztec capital, an fight for it.
  • Apr 16, 1543

    Copernicus presents the Helocentric Theory

    Copernicus presents the Helocentric Theory
    He was a polish astronomer who advance the the theory that the Earth and other planets revolve around the sun.
  • The Fur trade

    The fur trade started in the 1600s to the 1800s, Mostly beavers were hunted for their pelts, until they were almost extinct.
  • English settle Jamestown

    English settle Jamestown
    The English settlers were more interested in finding gold than planting crops. Most of the people died hunger.
  • Civil war and Commonweath

    Civil war and Commonweath
    Supporters of the king were cavaliers, also called royalists.
    Parliamentary forces were called roundheads, they got their name from their short haircuts.
  • Louis XIV of Frandce begins his reign

    Louis XIV of Frandce begins his reign
    Louis XIV became king at 4 years old in 1643 but didnt take over power until he was 23 in 1661.
  • Peter the great of Russia begins his reign

    Peter the great of Russia begins his reign
    His sister ruled in his place until he was 17. He wanted to borrow European technology to modernize the military. He won a war against sweden and built St. Perersburg during his reign
  • Glorious Revolution in England

    Glorious Revolution in England
    The Glorious Revolution bacan after James II came to rule. The Act of settlement bill was created which said No catholic could become monarch.
  • Napoleon conquers most of Europe

    Napoleon conquers most of Europe
    Napoleon was a French Military and politcal leader who conquered most of Europe. He wanted to expand Frances empire.
  • National Assembly

    National Assembly
    The National Assembly was created to help pass and reform laws in the name of the French people. It was the first deliberate act of the revolution.
  • The Storming of Bastille

    The Storming of Bastille
    Some of the King's soldiers helped storm the Bastille, part in responce to the King bringing in swiss soldiers. The commander of the Bastille, de Launay, attempted to surrender, but the mob would not accept it. He was killed as they poured through the gates.
  • French revolution begins

    French revolution begins
    The French revolution was a result of the people in the Third Estate not wanting to pay taxes. And the people wanting a new government system.