By shelly
  • Conception

  • Period: to

    Life Span

  • Developing Female Organs

  • Reflexes developing, starting to kick

  • Birth

    William Beuamont Hospital Royal Oak MI 6lbs. 4 oz. 19.5"
  • Increasing awareness, lifiting head, smiling

  • 1st tooth

  • Babbling, rolling over

  • Crawling, sitting

  • Saying "da da", walking along furniture

  • Attempting to feed self, drinking from cup

  • Alone play, not well with brother, likes to read books

  • Another trip to the hospital. Fell off the curb, stitches in chin

  • New brother born, Not very Happy

  • Kindergarten, Tall as teacher! Meet lots of new friends.

    Walk to school with Michael
  • Colors everything, especially walls in bedroom

  • Starting to potty train

  • Broke right leg

    spent 6 weeks in hospital. Parents only had one car. Delayed visits.
  • Walked flat footed, got white go-go boots!

  • Went everywhere with Dad. Was daddy's little girl!

  • "little cleaning lady", everywhere we went, I cleaned

  • Michael, older brother started school, not happy, wanted to go too!

  • Birhtday party with family and friends

  • Fell off picnic table, second trip to hospital for stitches

  • Sunday family dinner at Gram's. Only girl

  • Turned 5, get to start school in the fall

  • First death experience. Great Aunt

  • Move Christmas Day. Santa leaves gifts at new house and old house

  • First day of new school.

    Can only wear pantsuits 2 days a week. dresses the other 3. Girls are wearing pants and jeans.
  • Only girl with red hair in class.

    Boys not very nice. Tall, skinny, red hair and freckles.
  • Schools over.

    No neighbors by new house. Who to play with? Brothers?
  • 1st girl cousin born. Bery excited. Not the only girl now.

  • Loves school. Never misses a day

  • Enjoys school, and socializing maybe to much. Very chatty

  • Start to play baseball. Love it. Very athletic

  • Start new school in district. Meet new friend Dona

  • Got our first dog, German Sheppard, Queenie

  • Had first crush on boy, very shy about telling anyone

  • Loves school, continues to do well. Very social

  • Still taller then EVERYONE. Hair still bright RED. HATE IT. Boys still make fu of me!!

  • Dad likes my hair short! This does not help my self esteem

  • Continues to play softball. League champs. Hitting at least one homerun per game

  • Still sitting on fence about Santa.

    Teacher tells us no SANTA. Devasted!!
  • Coed book reports. Not happy, did not get to have the partner I wanted.

  • Made Hawks cheerleading squad

  • Had to turn in uniform

    Couldn't sell all the candy for Hawks club.
  • Crush of boy named Jim. He even liked my red hair.

  • Picked to be teacher's assistant

  • Got a horse.

    Mom has allergy. Have to change my clothes everytime I want to ride.
  • Had to choose between softball and track. Couldn't do both.

    Choose track
  • Medaled in two different relays in track as a 7th grader. Track was a good choice

  • Won kite flying contest for school.

    Got to go to Farrels Ice Cream Parlor
  • First time on plane, and to Disney.

    Aunt took brother, cousin for 10 days without parents
  • Jr. High. 7th grade. No brothers.

  • First real boyfriend. David

  • Had birthday party/sleepover with friends from school.

    Got bra and panty set.
  • Started menstrual period.

    Seemed to be last of friends t be developing. Still the tallest!
  • Volleyball, and cheerleadind.

    Anything to stay active. Didn't want to go home after school.
  • New girl started school, shes TALLER than I am!! Gymnastics

  • First football game, first cigarett. Not so good

  • Starting high school. Ride the bus for 45 minutes!!

  • Another football game, now my first drink, and my first hit off a joint. This is not good!

  • Turned 15. Mom took me to the mall to get a job.

    First job at Bonanza. Worked 20 hours a week.
  • Training for track begins.

    Still no boyfriend. Older boys, taller.
  • Smoking full time. Very cool. ( Or so I thought!)

    Received my varsity letter in track.
  • Brother Michael can drive to school, will only drive me sometimes!

  • Still smoking, and drinking whatever anyone can get to bring to the football games.

  • Did my first hit of speed. What a rush. You can go forever, like the energizer bunny.

  • Michael graduates. Now just Darek and I at school.

    Mom and Dad so proud
  • Got fired from job. Was accused of spilling drink on register on purpose.

    Was an accident
  • Finally my first french kiss with an older guy.

    I think I was desparate at this point.
  • New boyfriend, Paul

  • Fighting with Mom all the time. Never seem to do anything right.

  • Grades are good.

    Really have to work hard to get B's. Brothers do nothing to get A'a.
  • Broke up with Paul

  • School counselor tells me, not really college material.

    Take businees classes. You'll be a great secretary!
  • Going to graduate in January and start Cosmetology school in February.

  • Worst day of my life. After school date

    Date rape. Never told anyone for years.
  • Really long fall. Poor self image. Tried to shake everything off. Drank more

  • Back together with Paul

  • Graduated early! Best friend Shawn left for school at Bob Jones University

  • Started beauty school. Left high school behind..

    New beginnning,, and new life.
  • Paul didn't want to go to Prom, so I didn't.

    Regret this still!!!!
  • Graduated with my class. Had a great party, with family and friends.

  • Having sex with Paul on a regular basis

  • Graduated from Cosmetology school

  • Took boards for Cosmetology. Took my Mom as my model

  • Get my license! Passed the first time.

  • Get my first job in salon. Didn't last long. No walk in's. Hard to build a businees with no people.

  • Went to Fla. with Paul and his family for brothers wedding.

  • Started working in salon in Union Lake. Assistant and have my own chair.

  • Engaged to Paul. Parents want us to wait a couple fo years.

  • Salon moving to West Bloomfield. Different type of clients. Prices much higher.

  • Paul starts working nights. Start hanging out with friend form work, Kathy

  • See an old friend. Really liked him in school. Won't hurt to have drinks with him

  • Not so sure, Paul is the one for me. Michael is calling all the time.

  • Seeing both guys. Having relations with both

  • Broke up with Paul, again

  • Still seeing Michael, going out with friends. Parents like Michael. Bought first new car

  • Back with Paul again. Don't like to be by myself. hang out with the same group of friends.

  • Love my job. Now taking on more responsibilities at the salon. Doing nightly check outs.

  • Signed up to take a class at OCC. I think I need more in my life

  • Talking to old friend Judy. Maybe we should move out together in June.

  • Paul all for moving out. Talking about when and if we are gong to get married

  • Move to first apartment. Paul doesn't want to stay over.

  • Problems with Paul. We don't really seem to click. Mom was right after all

  • Start seeing Ray. Break up with Paul. Ray is everything Paul is NOT!

  • Parnets love Ray. Thinks he's great

  • Engaged to Ray! Parents flip. Want us to wait.

  • Book the church and the hall, and DJ. Plans are on the way

  • Vacation to FLA with Ray

  • Move back home to save money

  • Wedding plans are in full swing. Ray gives me engagement ring

  • Three showers in one month. You couldnt ask for anything more.

  • Married! Hawaii for 14 days.

  • Married life is good! Working, taking classes. Just happy.

  • Continue with classes. Sign up for Nursing Program

  • Continue to work at salon full time, classes part time

  • House broken into. Not feeling safe. Got a dog.

    Our first baby, Misty. Beautiful Black and Tan German Sheppard.
  • Ray wants a baby. I don't. This could be a problem

  • Going off the pill. We will start trying in August

  • This is it. Ready or not. Ray is so excited. I think I'm excited

  • No baby yet. We keep trying

  • Lats prerec class to sign up for. Nursing has a one year wait list. This will be perfect.

  • Pregnant! Ray is so happy, so am I.

  • I'm so sick. All the time. Every day, all day. For 5 months.

  • It's a boy Ray didn't want to know. I have to keep a secret until October!

  • Not gaining any weight. If I don't gain any weight, I will have to be admitted.

  • I have officially gain 10 lbs.

  • I can't put my shoes on, feet are so swollen

  • He's here! 15 days early. Beautiful and perfect in everyway. Dakota Darek Perkns

    6lbs, 4oz 19.5 inches. At 4:54 pm
  • Go back to work, part time

    Mom and Dad watch baby
  • Baby sleeping all night. Love of my life

  • Move into Mom & Dad's house until house finished

  • Start school

  • School, working, wife, mother it's a bit over whelming

  • 1st year of school done,

  • Trying to get pregnant

  • Still not pregnant, looking into fertility

  • Start fertility, having mulitple side effects

  • Grad. Nursing school, buy a new house

  • Move to new house, take boards, didn't pass

  • take boards again, still did not pass, still not pregnant

  • Took boards, finally passed, still not pregnant

    Not happy, causing problems with marriage
  • Got 1st nursing job

  • Giving up on fertility. If it happens it happens.

  • Interviewed at St. Joes

  • Hired at St. Joe's

  • Dakota starts school, two full days one half

  • First family trip to Disney, loved it

  • Change units at hospital

  • Still not pregnant. Love new job

  • Looking for new house, think we want to move

  • Buyers for our house, need to find new house

  • Start BSN completion program from UD-M

  • Move to new house.

  • Ray gets laid off

  • Ray still laid off, still working, going to school

  • Surgury, partial hysterectomy

  • Grandmother dying, went to FLA with Mom to make arrangements

  • Changed jobs, moved to Cath lab within hospital

  • Ray working full time for small company, Took huge hit in pay cut

  • Finished UD-M program, need to complete 3 other classes not offered in program

  • Talking about adoption, Ray not really for the idea

  • Ray doesn't want to adopt, or be foster parents. I'm very disappointed

  • Dakota starts middle school

  • Feeling secure, job going well. Ray is working full time

  • Ray gets laid off again!

  • Pick up more hours at work, keep up with hair clients. Ray's looking.

  • A new job for Ray, It's out in Dexter, but a job

  • Had partial hysterectomy. No chance of a baby now

  • Slow recovery. Thank goodness for my family.

  • Back to work. Feels good to be productive

  • Sent Dakota to Europe for 3 weeks.

  • Dakota comes home, it's been a long 3 weeks. Miss my baby.

  • High School starts. Can't believe he's going to be 15

  • Laid off again.

  • New job for Ray, totally different. Instructor, loves it.

  • Still teaching, still loving it. Working opposite shifts.

    Don't see one another but for weekends. This makes it difficult.
  • Hanging on by a thread, both still working. Wondering if we should still be in MI

  • Dakota starting his Jr. year. Only 2 more to go.

  • Planning the college circuit for summer

  • College applications all turned in

  • Dakota accepted to Michigan State

  • High School Graduation. My baby is done with this phase of his life.

  • Off to college

  • The empty nest symdrome sets in! We did it. Now do we really like each other?

  • Home for the holidays. It's good to have us all together

  • First year of college done, home. This is quite a change. All together all the time.

  • Put our house up for sale

  • House sold. Renting condo

  • Looking to relocate in a warmer climate

  • Dakota wants to attend Medical School, after graduation. We can move anywhere.

  • Relocated in AZ. Lots of work. Hope to retire here

  • Dakota graduates from college. Medical school in fall at UM

  • Dakota brings his future Mrs. Perkins' to meet us

  • Dakota is engaged.

  • Graduation from Med School. Wedding plans in full swing

  • Wedding at Northport, MI Lots of family and friends attend.

  • Dakota and Amy are off to Residency in FLA

  • Family together for the holidays. Mom and Dad visit also.

  • Long awaited vacation to Australia

  • Continue to work, travel and do volunteer work.

  • Travel to visit Dakota and Amy for the holidays. Miss Mom & Dad.

  • Parents both pass. Back to MI to sort out estate with family

  • Dakota and Amy relocate to Maine. Want to start a family

  • First grandchildren born, one boy, one girl. How lucky are we. Healthy and happy.

  • Ray thinking about retirement

  • Ray retires. I'm not quite ready. I keep working part time

  • Travel every few months to see the grandbabies

  • Twins start school. Big day for everyone

  • Dakota thinking of joining another practice in South Carolina

  • We are all moving to S. Carolina.

  • Retired when we moved, now just doing volunteer work at the local hospital with the babies and at the church.

  • Ray very busy with the twins. He helps out when Amy goes to work.

  • Trip to Alaska. First cruise. Dakota's 40th Anniversary present to us!

  • Diagnosed with COPD. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.

    Have a very difficult time breathing. Might have to use O2 at night, or with exertion.
  • Ray & I stay very active. Dakota sends us on one big trip a year of our choice. This year we choose Africia.

  • Twins start school. Big day for everyone

  • Feeling less useful, now that twins are in school. Need to find more to do

  • Slowing down, having to wear o2 at night all the time.

  • Ray wants to travel more. Not sure if my health allows this. Moving slower and slower. He says he doesn't mind waiting for me

  • Ray and I are enjoying each other. Keeping active in the church and community.

  • Dakota sending me to specialist, doesn't like my breathing status

  • Continue to see different specialists, long term asthma, bronchitis makes for COPD

  • Feeling great. New Dr. new hope for breathing. Doing breathing exercises daily, with new inhalers.

  • Continue to volunteer at the hospital. Need to keep busy.

  • Still feeling good. Keeping up with Ray and the twins. Dakota and Amy worry about my health.

    You can only hide so much from a Doctor
  • Off to Hawaii. Rekindle our love. Our honeymoon 48 years ago.

  • Middle school for the twins. Time flys. Breathing ok. Still need o2 at night. Has not gotten any worse. Ray is always looking out for me.

    Never lets me do to much. Doesn't want me to strain.
  • A beautiful party for our anniversary. Dakota, Amy, the twins, and Ray. What a wonderful day.

    I am so thankful for my beautiful family. A girl could not ask for more. I wish my parents were here to share in this day with us.
  • 50 years married to my best friend. Some days we never thought we would make it.

  • Happy 76! Still kickin' Volunteering, keeping up with the grand kids, biking when the weather is good. Working in the garden.

    Trying not to act and look like a old lady.
  • Starting to wear o2 on and off during the day. Can't quite go like I used to. Ray is worried all the time

  • Hanging in there, o2 still sometimes during the day. Feel good.

  • Dreaded day, wearing o2 all day long. Everyday. I don't like it. I feel like I'm handicap.

    I guess I am handicap in a sort.
  • Feel like I'm holding Ray back. He is in such good shape, biking, hiking. I can't go with him anymore.

    Feeling depressed. Wish the o2 would just go away.
  • Dakota able to spend more time with his Dad. Twins getting ready to graduate next year.

  • Twins graduate with honors. How proud we are, and their parents. Both off to medical school to follow in their fathers footsteps.

  • Twins off to college. Now their parents can experience the empty nest syndrome

  • Frail, thin, short of breath even with the o2. Making the most of my days. Just take it slow and easy.

    Ray is such a trooper. He helps with everything always.
  • Everyone home for the holidays. A wonderful time had by everyone. Ray the proud father/grandfather. Me just happy to have all of us together in one place.

  • Pass in my sleep. Autopsy concludes COPD.