Andres Melendez` Timeline

  • Birth

    I was born in Barranquilla in "Seguro Social". I have 3 sisters. I love my family!!
  • My first year of life

    My first year of life
    My parents organized a party and they invited all my family and my neighbours.
  • My first travel

    My first travel
    I went to Cartagena with my family. It was very exciting. It is one of the first regards that I have.
  • My racetrack

    My racetrack
    My mom helped me to write a letter to a magazine and I was selected and I won a racetrack. In that moment it was the best racetrack jajaja
  • My first girlfriend jaja!!

    Her name was Nohora. She live right now near to my house.
  • I met my best friend.

    I met my best friend.
    Her name is Carolina. I met her in the highschool. She study here, but i can't see her because our schedules are very different.
  • My first travel by plain

    My first travel by plain
    I traveled to Bogota with my mom to see my sister
  • Driving my car!! jajaja

    Driving my car!! jajaja
    I love the cars. The day I got my driver license I was happy and I drve around the city!!
  • Hemorragic Dengue

    I was hospitalized for one week.
  • Grandmother`s death

    Grandmother`s death
    I miss her. She was very sweet with us.
  • My graduate

    My graduate
    I graduate from Nuevo Colegio del Prado.
  • My girlfriend and me!!

    My girlfriend and me!!
    I met her in a party. Her name is Cindy.This day she decided to be my girlfriend. I love her!!
  • I started to study my current carreer

    I started to study my current carreer
    It is my second carreer and I am very happy with the decision of studying here.