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    Divided French Society/Financial Troubles

    King Louis XIV divided everyone into three estates. The First Estate consisted of the king and his nobles, the second had the clergy, and the third estate had everyone else. They also had financial troubles because the king made only the people in the third estate pay taxes. They were also in debt because of the war. So Louis XVI hired Jacques Necker who was a financial advisor, and he told the king that he should just make everybody pay taxes but the king didn't like that so he fired Jacques.
  • Storming the Bastille

    They were rumors going around that siad there was going to be royal troops at the castle in versailles. So more than 800 Parisians got together outside the Bastille, which was a midieval prison. The crowd wanted the weapons and gun powder that they thought was in the castle. The commander of the Bastille didn't want to open the gates and shot fire into the crowd, which in effect cause the crowd to go rampid. in conclution of that outbreak many people were killed and also the Parisians killed the
  • Storming the Bastille (cont.)

    commander and five guards. Then they released the prisoners that were being held. In the end they found no weapons.
  • National assembly

    Nobles and the Clergy will end up giving exculsive hunting, special legal status, and exemption from taxes, so now they will have the same rights as everyone else, Feudalism was ablished. In late August the Declaration of the Rights of men was established. The Declaration of the Rights of men declared that all men are born with equal rights.
  • Threats from abroad

    The radicals were fighting against the.