french revolution

  • Period: to

    french revolution

  • general meeting

    general meeting
    a general meeting was held for the three estates.
  • tennis court oath

    tennis court oath
    the third estate took an oath to make better constitutions
  • storming the bastille

    storming the bastille
    the paris mob broke into bastille prison and was looking for weapons.
    this was the beginning of the french revolution.
  • old regime ends

    old regime ends
    the old regime was destroyed . the feudal regime in france had been aolished.
  • declaration of the right of man

    declaration of the right of man
    national assembly adopted the declaration of the right of the man and the citizen.
  • flee france away

    flee france away
    Louis XVI and his family tried to flee france away but were arrested.
  • National convention

    National convention
    the national convention held their first meeting.
  • french republic

    french republic
    the first day of the french republic.
  • louis XVI was beheaded

    louis XVI was beheaded
    the king was beheaded on the guillotine
  • universal mobilization

    universal mobilization
    to save the republic from its foreign enemies, the committee of public safety decreed a universal mobilization of the nation.
  • reign of terror

    reign of terror
    the reign of terror begins. court sentenced 20,000 to 40,000people death.
  • ceremony in the formal cathedral

    ceremony in the formal cathedral
    a public ceremony dedicated to the worship of reason was held in the former cathedral.
  • robespierre was guillotined

    robespierre was guillotined
    many deputies in the national convention who feared robespierre and decided to vote to condemn him.
  • french revolution ended

    french revolution ended
    the directory fell and the french revolution ended. napoleon bonaparte takes control of the french government.