My Life So Far

  • I'm Born

    I was born in the Saint John's Hospital in Santa Monica.
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    My Life, So Far

  • First Memory of the Old House

    I have my first memory of the house I lived in until I was in Kindergarten. I remember the living room, with a red and white striped couch facing a tv in a light colored wood entertainment unit. I can remember sitting on the couch while watching Batman cartoons.
  • Nursery School

    I started Nursery School at Temple Judea in Encino
  • The Beginning of my education at Heschel Day School

    This was the first year that I attended Heschel Day School in Northridge. I started in Kindergarten, and graduated after eigth grade.
  • My First Memory of Stockton, CA

    My mom's side of the family lives in northern California. My grandparent's live in Stockton, California. I know that we visited them constantly, and we still visit at least twice a year. I am not sure about the exact date, but my first memory of Stockoton is of a honeyscukle bush near my grandparent's house. The plant had bright white and yellow flowers that if picked properly, one could remove the nectar from it and taste the drop of it.
  • I met my very good friend Daniel

    In 3rd grade, I met my still very close friend Daniel at Heschel. We sat next to each other in class, and we became friends; we have been friends since.
  • My Bar Mitzvah

    I had my bar mitzvah at Temple Israel of Hollywood
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    My First Visit to Israel

    This was the first time I went to Israel.
  • 8th Grade Graduation

    I graduated 8th grade from Heschel Day School.
  • First Year of High School

    My 9th grade year was spent at High Tech High LA in Lake Balboa, CA.
  • First Year at SOCES

    I was accepted by SOCES two weeks into the school year. I remember that the first class I attended was Mr Snider's Honors Biology class.
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    Second Visit to Israel

    This was the second time I went to Israel. This time it was through a student exchange program with my hebrew school and another school in Israel (Ironi Dalet).
  • Graphics Editor

    I found out that I had been nominated and selected as the next year's graphic's editor for the Yearbook.
  • AP CHEM....

    I received my AP score results, to find out that I had passed AP Chem, which was amazing.
  • Lahaise Assignment

    I am currently sitting here making a timeline for the Autobiography assingment in Advanced Comp.