Map Of Life

By iwu00
  • My Birth

    My Birth
    I was born in the Woodland Hills Hospital Kaiser Permanente. I was a C-Section baby because I did not want to come out of my mother's womb.
  • Started School

    Started School
    I went to Pinecrest for preschool.
  • New School

    New School
    I went to a new school for third grade called Germain for a year.
  • A Movie to Remember

    A Movie to Remember
    I found my favorite movie. It is called A walk to Remember. I saw it with my mom in the movie theater.

    I started a new Chapter in my life by going to SOCES from 4th-12th Grade.
  • First Pet!

    First Pet!
    Got a dog for 6 months German Shepard named lifer. We sadly gave him away. I cried about it.
  • Middle School

    I had my first Asian crew until they all rejected me and stopped being my friend until they came back to me the next year asking for my forgiveness.
  • Braces!

    I finally got something that would help me with my hideous teeth! I loved having braces. I was really sad when I got them taken off but I was relieved as well.. I got them in the middle of seventh grade. Everyone else had braces too. I love braces!!!
  • First BF

    First BF
    I had my First relationship that lasted only 5 months. The guy was a bad guy. I do not regret going out with him, but it was not my smartest decision i had ever made in my life.
  • Braces OFF!

    Braces OFF!
    After I got my braces off, I felt like I was on top of the world. I stupidly chewed gum right after I got my braces off. I do not evne like chewing up. I did not get my retainer until a week later but I love having a retainer. I currently have a permanent retainer on the bottom of my teeth, but It is okay because I would rather have a retainer than have crooked teeth.

    First time ever in my highschool years I got striaght As in all of my classes! I was so chipper! It was the best way to end the year.
  • November 2009

    I applied for colleges in the UC system. I am writing an autobiography for Mrs. Lahaise’s class. In a relationship with a guy that hopefully won’t break my heart. (11-25-09). Life is life.
  • Second BF

    Second BF
    I hope that this time will be better. I hate breakups but this is my second relationship and I hope that it will be better since I am going out with my best friend. I know this guy and he's not just some figment of my imagination.