By jmjake
  • born

    I was born in a little twon called Bonn of germany. My father, grandfather, and brother are all professional musicians so naturally they were my first teachers. The worst part had have been when I was thrashed about the room whenever I made a mistake during practice. I fisrt learned how to play the violin before anything else.
  • first public apperence

    first public apperence
    I made my first public apperence at Cologne when I was 7 and a half but at the time I did not know that i was that old. See, when my father announced me he said that I was 6 years old. I don't know why he did that but for the rest of my life I thought that I was youger then I really us. Even when I got my baptism certificate I thought that it was for my older brother.
  • first published work

    first published work
    I am not even 12 yet and I am all ready getting my work pubished. This is great. I am about to open the eyes of many people. My first published work is 9 variations, in C Minor, for Piano, on a march by Ernst Christoph Dressler.
  • appointed organist of the court of Maximilian Franz

    appointed organist of the court of Maximilian Franz
    Amagin! Me, a mere 14 year old boy is appionted organist of the court of Maximilian Franz. The best part of the job was that I have been able to met so many new people. My father and brother have really been my only friends. One of my best friends were deaf.
  • beloved mother sees the light

    beloved mother sees the light
    No! How could this happen? The only person in my family that showed any sign of love toward me is now gone. The doctor told me that she died from consumption which I have no idea what that means. All I know is now I am alone in this world of pain.
  • confessed that he was going deaf

    confessed that he was going deaf
    Lately I have been worried about my hearing. It seems to be fading away. This is so unfair! That I, a musician, could become deaf! I still have so many areas of my art to discover. Before my deafness gets any worse I must work my hardest to accompish all of my dreams before I lose all ability to hear.
  • wanted treatment for he deafnes

    wanted treatment for he deafnes
    The cause of this must be the condition of my belly which as you know has always been wretched and has been getting worse, since I am always troubled with diarrhoea, which causes extraordinary weakness. Frank wanted to tone up my body by tonic medicines and restore my hearing with almond oil, but prosit, nothing happened, my hearing grew worse and worse, my bowels remained as they had been. This lasted until the autumn of last year and I was often in despair.
  • his first opera preformace

    his first opera preformace
    Yes! I have finally finished my first opera! It has taken me countless weeks to finsh it but I did it. I had the operas first perfomance on Nov. 20 1805. There were not that many people at the first performance but i know that as time goes on more people will come to see it.
  • mets Goethe

    mets Goethe
    I met Goethe one day and I noticed that nether of use really understood each other. I thought he was to servile while he probaly thought that I was too untamed and unciviliced to be this famus. Don't get me wring. We both have a lot of admirashion for each other. I just wish he understood me better.
  • became completely deaf

    became completely deaf
    For two years I have avoided almost all social gatherings because it is impossible for me to say to people "I am deaf". If I belonged to any other profession it would be easier, but in my professsion it is a frightful state.It is curious that in conversation there are people who do not notice my condition at all; since I have generally been absent-minded, theey account for it in that way. Often I can scarcley hear someone speaking softly, the tones yes, but not the words.
  • deathday

    One day I was coming back from my brother's and I caught a cold which was horible. the problem was it didn't get better. All of my other health problems started to get worst. The last thing I remenber before dying is being cerouned by my closest friend and. I was righting my 10 smthony. Then the clouds grow dark and I passed away into the sky.