The French Revolution

  • King Louis XV begins his reign

    King louis XV begins his reign
  • Louis-Auguste (Future King Louis XVI) i born

  • Marie Antoniette is Born

  • The Seven Years War Begins

  • The Seven Years War Ends

  • Napoleon is Born

  • Marie Antoniette marries Louis-Auguste

  • Louis-Auguste becomes King Louis XVI

  • American Revolutionary War Begins

  • Jacques Necker's Royal Budget

    Necker releases the Royal Budget to the public, informing the French people that the French monarchy is bankrupt
  • American Revolutionary war ends

  • King Louis calls together The Estates General

  • Estates General Meets

  • The National Assembly is declared

  • The Tennis Court Oath

  • Period: to

    The Great Fear

  • The Storming Of Bastille

  • king Louis XVI enters Paris and kisses revolutionary flag

  • Abolition of Feudalism

  • The National Assemlby Adopted the deckaration of the rights of man

  • Nationalization of Church Lands

  • Civil Constitution of the Clergy

  • Royal family tries to Escape France

  • New Constitution is swoirn in

  • Legislative Assembly meets for the first time

  • Period: to

    The Reign of Terror

  • France declares war on Austria

  • Paris Commune established

    An angry mob stormed into Paris and overthrew the municipal government
  • Period: to

    September Massacres

  • National Convention meets for the first time

  • King Louis XVI is executed

  • Committee of Public Safety meets

  • Period: to

    The Seige of Toulon (Napoleon)

  • Marie Antoniette is executed

  • Napoleon is put into jail

  • Napoleon is freed from jail, to protect the National Convention

  • The Directory takes over the French government

  • Napoleon marries Josephine

  • Napoleon goes to Egypt

  • Napoleon stages a coup d'etat and takes control of the French government

  • Napoleon establishes the Bank of France

    this finally balances France's budget by 1801
  • Napoleon unifies France's civil laws

  • Napoleon crowns himself Emperor

  • Napoleon opens the University of France

  • Napoleon divorces Josephine

    Napoleon became obsessed with having a male heir and Josephine could no longer bear children
  • Napoleon has a son, who is also named Napoleon

  • Napoleon invades Russia

  • Congress of Vienna

  • Napoleon abdicates the throne and is replaced by King Louis the 18th

    is also exhiled to Elba
  • Napoleon returns to France

  • Napoleon becomes ruler of France (again)

  • Period: to

    The Battle of Waterloo

  • Napoleon abdicates the throne again, is banished to St. Helena

  • Napoleon dies