My life as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

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  • Birthday

    I was born on the 27th of January in the year 1756, in Salzburg, Austria (A part of the Holy Roman Empire at the time). I was born to Leopard and Anna Maria Mozart and was given the full name, Johannes Chrysostumos Wolfgangus Gottlieb Mozart. I was named after my grandfather on my mother's side and after the Saint, Johannes Chrysostumus, who is celebrated on this day as well. (cc) aui0000
  • Baptism

    I was baptized the day after my birth at St. Rupert's Cathedral. I was given the baptismal name, in Latinized form, Joannes Chrysostomus Wolfgangus Theophilus Mozart. (cc) JPG English
  • Educational and Musical Upbringing

    Educational and Musical Upbringing
    Leopold, my father, was my only teacher in my earliest years of childhood. He taught my sister, Nannerl, and I languages, academic subjects, but put a specfic emphasis on music. He recognized the prodigious ability that both of us possessed in music at an early age and became contempt on teaching us the art of composing and playing instruments, primarily the keyboard and violin. (cc) Geruze
  • Childhood Oppurtunities

    Childhood Oppurtunities
    My sister and I played at the court in Vienna for the Empress Maria Theresa and her husband, Emperor Francis I. In 1763, we displayed our talents to audiences in Germany and at the Versialles court in Paris (Where I published my first works, four sonatas for clavier with an accompanying violin). (cc) Carmontelle
  • Further Musical Education

    Further Musical Education
    I arrived in London with my family at the age of eight. I studied composing with Johann Christian Bach and singing with the castrato, Manzuoli. Johann's symphonies had a profound influence on me and lead me to write my first three symphonies in London. (cc) Carmontelle
  • First Employment

    First Employment
    I was employed as a court musician by the ruler of Salzburg, Prince-Archbishop Hieronymous Colloredo. Being a favorite son in Salzburg allowed me to work in many genres, including symphonies, sonatas, string quartets, serenades, and a few minor operas. I was then dissmissed three years later and came to settle in Vienna. (cc) G. Schirmer
  • Mom's Death

    Mom's Death
    My mom died in Paris, after having been on a tour of Euope with me, while I was searching for a honored commission. We visited Munich, Augsburg, and Mannheim with no success before arriving in Paris. (cc) Anonymous Artist (Mozart_and_Linley_1770.jpg‎)
  • Marriage

    I married Constance Weber at St. Stephen's, Vienna. I settled
    in Vienna with her and and my children and decided to devote my time to writing piano concertos; I had created fifteen by the end on 1786. After composing classical compositions for a period of time, my sole income on which to support the family came from teaching and playing either privately or in public. (cc) Anonymous (http//:Constanze_Weber_1840_full.jpg).
  • Meeting Lifetime Inspiration

    Meeting Lifetime Inspiration
    Joesph Hadyn was a distinguished composer when I was a young child. We met at Haydn's performance oratorio, "Il ritorno di Tobia". At this time, he was at the age of fifty-two and a renowned composer of the time period, while my reputation was becoming a rising success at the age of 28. At this encounter, Hadyn declared that I was the greatest living composer. He wanted to embody my work into his own; a prodigious compliment from such a profound composer.
  • First Completed Opera

    First Completed Opera
    "The Marriage of Figaro" was my first publicly recognized opera. Lorenzo da Ponte wrote the words, while I conducted the peice at the National Theatre, in Vienna. This opera is divided into four parts, which I originally selected from one of Beaumarchais' play, but when I presented it to Da Ponte, he turned it into a libretto in six weeks, rewriting it in poetic Italian and removing any political references the original had. (cc)
  • Gradual Health Decline

    Gradual Health Decline
    I have consistently had deviating health issues throughout my life such as bromchitis and typhoid fever. Visiting Prague, after departing from Vienna, I supervised the performance of my latest opera, "La clemenza di Tito". While still in Prague, I became seriously ill, and I became despondent and analytically uncommunative. (cc) PD-ART
  • Death and Burial

    Death and Burial
    After returning home from Prague, my health condition worsened considerably. In a short time span, I completed my "Clarient Conerto", conducted the premeire of "The Magic Flute", and worked toward completing the Requiem. Unable to finish the Requim, I was bedridden on account of severe swelling, pain, and vomiting, which I beleived to be the effects of poisoning. I died at 1:00 in the morning of December 5. I was buried, December 7, at St. Marx Cemetary, in a common grave. (cc) NobbiP