• Mom and dad meet for the first time

    this day in this year my mom and dad met and started to hang out.
  • The day i was born

    My mom actually gave birth to me on this day at 7:24 p.m. This day is also known as good friday.
  • My first real steps

    my mom said she was watching t.v. and all of a sudden i was walking and screaming.
  • My first word (Smokey Gombo)

    my mom and i were in krogers and she looked over at me in the basket and i was singing a song called' Smokey Gombo".
  • the day i ate my family haritige food

    well...... my family is creole so we eat a lot of seafood. And i didnt want to eat seafood until this day. Now i eat it all the time!
  • My first day of school (pre-school)

    my first day of school was at " Poisen Ivy" in louisiana.
  • My first tooth that I lost

    im not sure how i lost this tooth but i was in pre- school and it was picture day and i went to take my picture and my tooth fell out.
  • learned how to ride a bike

    i remember going to visit my dad and he told me he would hold on to the back of my bike and push me. And what did he do? He let me go and started talking to him so I looked back and he was at the other end of the street. Then from there I went straight down. Ever since then i have been riding bikes a lot.
  • i got my first dog

    my brother,sister, and me were always asking for a dog. So we got one. A few years later we ended up gibving him to our great-grandmother. So we went to visit her and we opened the door to wide and he ran away some where in louisiana.
  • i started volley-ball for the first time

    I wanted to play volleyball so my mom put me in the YMCA. I did so great that I ended up trying out here at barnett and made A- team
  • i started track

    my dad's side of the family was very athletic and set records for a lot of things. So i decided to run track.
  • i started orchestra

  • i learned to cook

  • i finally go to jr. olympics for track

  • i got glasses

  • my first basketball game in my life