By bbta221
  • birthday!!

  • my first christmas

  • my fist steps

  • my 1st b-day

  • first day of elementary school

  • my first best friend

  • first time i lost a tooth

  • my first new house

    I remember when i was 3 years old, my family and i moved into our first new house.
  • my first day of first day of 1st grade

  • the time i got my first two-wheeler bike

  • my first TAKS test

  • when i turned 10 years old

  • my first field trip

    This way a great day because i got to go to the Zoo. I say many animals and had a great time.
  • Sadee

    This was the first time i got to bring my new puppy home.
  • first day of junior high school

  • my first junior high dance

  • 13th birthday