By bbta201
  • Day I was born

    I was born in Chicago.
  • M first present

  • I first sat up

  • My first haircut

    I cried a lot.
  • My first tooth

  • My first steps

  • My first ice cream

  • My first move

    One house to another.
  • My first dollar

    I did not know what to do with it.
  • My first day at school

  • My first wallet

  • My first vacation

  • My first real meal

    It tasted great!
  • First time I rode a bike

  • Little brother was born

    He was so cute! His name was Matthew.
  • Matt 's first vacation.

  • The first tooth I lost

    It fell out in the night.
  • My first trip to the dentist

    I was afraid.
  • My first plane ride

  • When I first answered the phone

  • My first trip to Mexico

  • My first email