My Life in a Timeline

By bbta228
  • I was born

    On this day Michael Andrew Taddonio was born in Arlington Memorial Hospital.
  • Grandma

    My grandma died this day.
  • First Steps

    I took my first steps after my dad got back from his softball tourny in Vegas.
  • Daycare

    I started daycare at ECYC.
  • Thanksgiving Baby

    My little sister was born on this day. I remember having to spend the night at my granparents house. No matter what she does to me I'll always love her.
  • Matt

    I started hanging out with my cousin Matt. Little did I know I would be doing a whole lot more of this as time rolled on.
  • Crack!

    I broke my arm at my dad's softball game. I was going up a circular ramp when I fell and broke my arm.
  • Kindergarten

    I started kindergarten at Judy Beckham Elementary. My teacher was Ms.Lefever, and my student teacher was Ms. Hubnik.
  • Whoosh!

    On this day I made the game winning free-throw. It was a very emotional game and I'm glad we won. The final 26-27.
  • Spencer

    My dog Spencer died. He had died from leg cancer. He had always been by my side ever since I was a baby. I cried more than I ever had( and I don't cry alot).
  • Brass Band

    I started learning how to play the cornet( not clarinet) on this day. My band teacher was Mr.Evans.
  • It' going, going, gone

    I hit my first home run in deep center. It was against our rivals the Astros. I went 2 for 2 that night and my mom was very upset that she missed it, so I hit one for the next day when my dad wasn't there.
  • Youth

    I was now an offcial member of my church after my confirmation.
  • Deep Sea Fishing

    My dad and I went on a deep sea fishing trip. It was my first time on a boat and me and my dad caught a total of 3 red snappers. They were awfully good blackened.
  • Guitar

    I began my guitar lessons with the lead singer of our church's praise band, Nate.
  • A Teenager

    I will become an offcial teenager on this day.