By bbta218
  • Day I was born

  • Day i took my first steps

  • my first word

    my first word was doggy
  • my first bike

    my first bike was a Next
  • first time i want to the hospital

    almost broke my leg
  • my first soccer game

    i scored the winning goal
  • i biult my first snow man

    my hands were so cold
  • first time i want camping

    it was so cold and we ate alot of junk food
  • fist time going to mexico

    and when i was there i got poison ivei
  • my first time i went ice skating

    i cut my hand right open
  • first time i cot a turkey

    it was for thanks giving
  • my first phone

    i got my phone from Metor PCS
  • first time i got chased by a dog

    got a lot of scraches
  • shot my first BB gun

    and i killed a dove
  • when i got my first dog

    i wanted a dog, so me and my step-dad looked on the internet for dogs. And then i found the dog that i wanted, she was a 2 month old german seperd mix. Me and my step-dad went to go get her ,and now she loves me
  • first day of 7th grade

    I was so nervous and i didnt know what to do.
  • my 31th B-Day

    i will turn 13