My Life :)

By bbta223
  • Birth

    Christine Phuong was born! :D
  • Crawling around on this day.

    Started crawling
  • First Birthday Celebration

    My first firthday is celebrated! :D I turned 1 years old.
  • Went to Canada

    Went to Canada with parents somewhere in this year. (1999-2000)
  • Started walking.

    My first steps
  • Pottytrained.

    Got potty trained !
  • Talking

    Started talking on this day.
  • Childhood friends.

    Met my childhood friends.
  • Hospital.

    Went to the hospital on this day
  • Divorced

    Parents Divorced somewhere in this month.
  • Playstation

    First Playstation game,
  • Friends with Cheryl.

    Became friends with Cheryl on this day.
  • 2nd grade friends

    Met Julie and Liyah.
  • Hellen Le.

    Met Hellen Le.
  • 6 of My fish die.

    My fish died this week
  • Nintendo DS Lite

    I got my DS Lite on this day.
  • My Laptop

    My First Laptop
  • Car accident.

    Got in a car accident.
  • 6th Grade Food fight.

    Food fight with Mrs. Bohannan's class !
  • Broken Laptop

    I broke my laptop on this day.
  • Coco

    My Hamster died on this day.
  • Pocky

    My hamster Pocky died.
  • 7th Grade

    My first day of Jr. High.
  • Upcoming birthday

    My 13th Birthday