By bbta211
  • This is the day i was born

    this is the day I came out of my mom's tummy.
  • My moms divorce.

    My mom got tired of my real dad and I agreed with her that he was evil so we left him.
  • My first tooth

    This is the day I got my first tooth.
  • This is the day i could walk.

    At this verry day i learned to walk.
  • Lost first tooth

    I was playing tag with my friends. Then, suddently I fell and broke my tooth.
  • My first puppy.

    This is the day my mom gifted me wih a puppy. I named it Solito meaning sunny
  • Learned bike riding

    This is the day when i finally learned how to ride a bike.
  • I moved to the U.S.A.

    This is the day my mom took me to the United States of America with her.
  • I learned english.

    I finally learned how to speak english.
  • I went to the 3 piramids hotel resort

    As a vacation we went to this hotels that where close o the beach and had these three piramids.the first piramid had a zoo the second an aquarium and the third a movie theather.
  • My mom's weding

    This is the day when my mom got remaried.
  • My first trip to Disney Land

    This is the day when my parents desided to take me to Disney Land for christmas.
  • My first Hamster

    This is the day when i got my first hamster named LIttle-Bitter.
  • My second puppy

    I got my second puppy-named Patrick.
  • My first cat

    I got my first cat named Buddy.
  • I started lossing all of my Baby teeth

    This is when I lost all of my baby teeth
  • I learned how to cook

    I started cooking some of my own food.
  • My second and third kitties

    This is when i got 2 more cats name Toni and Sandy