By bbta212
  • Date of my Birth

    This was the day I was born.
  • My first trip to SeaWorld

    I LOVE SHAMU! This was the best family trip ever.
  • When I first rode my tricylce

    My dad taught me how to ride a tricycle. Good times.
  • When I started elementary school

    My first day in elementary. I went to Farrell. Starting at Pre-K! I cried on the first day.
  • The day my Cheryl and I became bestfriends

    She was everything you can have like a bestfriend. I am so lucky she is still there for me.
  • My first time on a bike

    When my dad decided to teach me how to ride with 2 wheels! It was fun.
  • When I started boxing/fighting

    My dad was kung fu teacher and I wanted learn boxing so he taught me how to punch! I love this hobby.
  • My first time on an airplane

    Airplanes are the best rides ever.
  • When I was in California

    California is awesome and beautiful. I met my father's side of the family and I already love them.
  • My first time on a boat

    My family and I went fishing. It was smelly and fun.
  • When I first got my pet fish

    It was a tiny colorful fish. I named it Mudkip. Yes, its a pokemon.
  • When I got my first dog

    This was when I got my first dog, Pichu! He was a chihuahua. Cute and hyper!!
  • When I first played the violin

    I took violin lessons in 5th grade. I have passion for this instrument.
  • When I first baked cake

    My sister and I baked cake for our mom because it was her birthday. Boy, was the cake delicious.
  • When I started dancing

    My biggest passion I have for is dancing. I practiced dancing everyday. It's fun and energetic.
  • When I graduated from elementary school

    I think it was on this day that I graduated from elementary. It was a sad day..
  • When I started Junior High

    I think this was the day I first walked the halls of Barnett Junior High.
  • When I got my first bunny

    Pepei is the bunny's name. I got her for my birthday. My sister bought her for me. She's the best.
  • My 13th birthday

    My 13th birthday! I am now a teenager. It was the best birthday ever.
  • When my bestfriends became jlshq

    All bestiess.