Important Events

  • I was born.

  • First time I went to Mexico

    My moms parents, brother, and sister live in mexico so we go there often.
  • First toy i got

    My first toy was a bear.
  • First Icecream

    My dad gave me Chocolate Icecream. My mom wasnt to happy
  • First Trick or Treat.

  • My brother Josh was born

  • First Lizard I Got

    My first lizard I got (and only lizard so far) was a Lepord Gecko. We still have him today.
  • First time I went to friends house.

    I went to my friends house somewhere aroud fall. We go to eachothers house about every weekend.
  • First time I saw snow

    We were in New Mexico. It was much different there compared to Texas
  • First Soccer Game

    I've been playing soccer since 4th grade and i still do play. I'm on a team with my best friends but we are not a very good team.
  • First Cell Phone

    My first phone Igot was a Backberry
  • Frst Tme I played the Vio;a

    My dad and I got the Viola then joined our cousins and Aunt from Maryland. I started playing as soon as i got home. I wasnt all that good
  • Went to Gatorland and Seawolrd in Florida

    I went reasently for spring break. It was very fun and uniqe. It was my first time to gatorland but my second time to seaworld.