By bbta203
  • I was born.

  • I learned how to walk.

  • I learned how to talk.

  • My brother, Michael, was born.

  • My first day of kindergarden.

  • I learned how to write my name.

  • I moved from Grand Prarie to Arlington, TX.

  • My first day at Bryant Elementary.

    I had moved and I was the new kid at school. I was scared to death because I didn't know any of these people. When I enter my classroom I see my best friend from daycare sitting at a desk. As soon as I saw her I knew everything was going to be okay.
  • The first time one of my drawings was put in an art museum.

    I had my very first drawing put in a museum in the first grade. I remember that it was a drawing of a fish. I was trying to make it look like rainbow fish from this book that my class had read. While I was working my art teacher came up to me and said,"Wow, Emily that is a really great fish." The next thing I know it's put in an art museum. Ever since then I've been interested in art.
  • My first dance recital.

  • I got my tonsils taken out.

    I was in the second grade and I had to have surgery to get my tonsils taken out. I had top stay home from school for a week and I remember my classmates calling me in the middle of the day to check up on me. This made me feel so special. I also remember this day because I couldn't eat turkey at Thanksgiving the week after.
  • My first dog, Nikki, died.

    This day was a very sad day. It was about one week after my ninth birthday and my neighbors dogs had torn down my fence and attacked my dog. They ended up killing her before we could come to her rescue.
  • My first soccer game.

    I was in the third grade and my coach was my uncle Martin. My teammate was his daughter Sonia and she was the best player on the team. I was really bad at soccer plus I thought it was boring,so after that season I never played soccer again!
  • I turned 10 years old.

  • My last dance recital.

    This day was very sad because I had been with this dance academy for a long time and they were shutting down the dance academy because the owner couldn't manage the academy any more.
  • My drawing from the fourth grade was put in the 2007 AISD calender.

    My drawing was a picture of horses running through a lake. My art teacher took it up and put it in an art museum. Then it was chosen to go to an even higher art museum. Then it was chosen to be in the 2007 AISD calender in the month of November. I got to go to a ceremony and I was on TV.
  • I graduated from elementary school.

    I had been at Bryant since the first grade, so you can imagine how hard it was to say goodbye to everyone there. I was very sad but at the same time I was so glad to finally get out of there!
  • My first day of Barnett junior high.

  • My first volleyball game.

  • My thirteenth birthday!