By bbta206
  • I was born.

    Patricio Cantu was born this day. He was born in Monterrey, Mexico, at around 5PM.
  • Baptised

    I was baptised this day at San Felipe church.
  • First tooth.

    My first tooth came out! I was barely 4 months old.
  • Sick!

    Barely 7 months old, I got sick from a virus. & I had to go to the hospital, It was pretty serious.
  • The first steps.

    I was 9 months old, and I started walking. They were my first steps.
  • Six-Flags

    We went to Six-Flags I & I was way to scared to get on baby ride.
    Not really a fun day.
  • United States!!

    My family & I went to the U.S because my dad got accepted a job in the U.S.
  • Potty Trained.

    I was potty trained so I could go to the bathroom all by my own. I felt like a big kid that day.
  • Pre-K

    I started Pre-K at Cliffton Elementary.
  • Snow!

    This was my first day seeing snow, we had so much fun!
  • Roller Skate !

    At 4 years old I learned how to roller skate.
  • Houston

    We went to the Nasa in Houston. My mom,dad,brother,grandma,aunt and ME!
  • First day at school

    My first day of school,first grade. At J.O Davis in Grand Prairie.
  • First tooth.

    I lost my very own first tooth, and I got $10 from it.
  • New House!

    When we came first to Texas we lived in an small apartment, but now we bought a very big house. I missed those apartments, we had very good memories there.
  • Art-Gallery

    My Kinder-Garden drawing went to a art gallery. It felt so good that people appreciated my work.
  • Oklahoma!

    We went to Oklahoma to camp, it was such a good experience.
  • Swimming Lessons

    My very first swimming lesson, & my mom & dad were very suprised that I wasn't scared of the water like the other kids.
  • Puppy!

    My mom bought my brother and me a puppy. It was a Labrador and it was such a good friend.
  • First school field trip.

    My first school field trip was so much fun! We went to the zoo and I saw all the animals you can think of.
  • First Communion

    I did my first communion and I had a tux and everything. I looked very fancy.
  • Basketball!

    It was my first time in a real team. I joined the YMCA and my team was the Black-Hawks. We lost every game, but I had fun.
  • Happiest place on Earth!

    We went to DISNEY WORLD for a whole week that was the best week of my life! I'm never gonna forget all those good memories.
  • Roller Coaster!!!

    While we were in Disney World, those days were the first days riding big boy roller coasters!
  • Went to Arizona!

    It was my little cousins birthday and we went to Arizona. It was so hot i was lucky enough because they had a pool.
  • Beach!

    We went to Maeva Mexico, to the beach. It was my first time going to the beach.
  • Buying my flute!

    That was the day I bought my flute!
  • My first band concert!

    It was my first band concert it was for Christmas! We did really good!
  • Teen

    My 13th birthday!
  • Tennessee

    We went to "The Great Somky Mountains" to camp. We rented a huge cabin it was so much fun!