By bbta423
  • My Grandpa's Birthday

    My grandpa, on my dad's side, was born around this time.
  • My Grandpa's Birthday

    During this month, my grandpa, on my mom's side, was born.
  • My Grandma's Birthday

    My grandma, on my dad's side, was born on this day.
  • My Grandma's Birthday

    My grandma, on my mom's side, was born on this day.
  • My Dad's Birthday

    On this day, my dad was born.
  • My Mom's Birthday

    On this day, my mother was born.
  • My grandma comes to Canada!

    My grandma, my mom's side, came to Toronto around this time.
  • My Parents' Wedding Day

    My parents got married this day in CN, USA.
  • My grandma comes to Canada!

    My grandma, on my dad's side, came to Canada around this time.
  • My parents come to the U.S.!

    My parents drove from Canada to the United States of America.
  • My birth day.

    This was the day I was born. This day was a Sunday. It was peaceful, and a lovely quiet day. I was born in Farmers Branch.
  • At Four Months . . .

    I started holding my bottle at four months.
  • I go swimming!

    The first time I go swimming! This is the earliest memory I have that doesn't involve videos. It involves a picture but not the point. I strangely remember a dream being related to this. I was in a blue bathing suit and I was crying. In real life, my parents were probably feeding me raisins. In the dream, they were throwing them at me.
  • At Four Months . . .

    I started wearing shoes when I was four months old.
  • First Haircut!

    I got my first haircut when I was six months old.
  • I first walked this season.

    Summer, hot and good for swimming. I was inside walking at 18 months.
  • Moving!

    I move from a small apartment in Addison to Grand Prarie!
  • I started talking around this time.

    I started talking, not baby talking, around this time.
  • My sister

    On this day, my sister was born. She was born on a Monday. She was supposed to be born on Friday the 7th, but no, the doctor just had to finish the Harry Potter book that was just released. Yet, I still want to read the series.
  • Mrs. Katherine Delhkye

    On this day, I started piano lessons at the age of three and three quarters.
  • My First Day Of School

    On this day I started my Kindergarten year.
  • Two New Buddies!

    On this day, or around this day, my neighbor and her step-sister came over to my house and played with me. We became buddies when they started coming over everyday.
  • My 5th Birthday Party

    I had my fifth birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese's, where a kid can be a kid. The cake had a picture of me.
  • Will

    I found out I was in a will.
  • Mrs. April Boukadoum

    Around the summer after my second grade year, I started the summer with a different piano teacher.
  • Glasses

    I started wearing glasses around this time.
  • Braces

    I got braces during this month.
  • First Piano Competition

    I had my first piano competition around this time. I played William Gillock's Costa Del Sol.
  • Tennis

    I started tennis, but I didn't stay with it.
  • Mrs. Liana Bramlett

    I started taking from Mrs. Bramlett after the fourth grade.
  • Aunt's Wedding #1

    I was supposed to play piano at my aunt's wedding, but there wasn't a piano there. Not even an organ.
  • No More Braces!

    I got my braces off, but then I was told that it was only phase one.
  • Mrs. Diana Reyes Smith

    I started taking from Mrs. Smith right before my sixth grade year.
  • My Second Piano Competition

    I played Two Ladies Gossiping by Aram Khacaturian and didn't make to the finals.
  • Teaching Piano

    I started to teach piano around this time.
  • Mrs. Jo Ann Thompson

    I started with Mrs. Thompson right before my seventh grade year.
  • Aunt's Wedding #2

    I played in my aunt's wedding with her brother-in-law. We got to play with a band.
  • Symphony Orchestra

    My first year of Jr. High and I'm already in Symphony Orchestra!
  • Teaching Violin

    I started teaching violin to my friend on this very day.
  • All Region Orchestra

    My first audition for All Region Orchestra!