By bbta411
  • Sonogram

    At the time, the doctors thought i was a boy. Three monthes later they discovered my parents would be having their very first little girl! At that moment they decided to name me Cortney Michelle Espino.
  • Cortney Espino is born

    i was born at Arlington Memorial Hospital at 2:31 in the afternoon. My Grandma, Grandpa, Mom(of course), and my Dad were there at the time.
  • Going home for the first time

    I was brought home that morning and spent the rest of the afternoon in my new house with my loving family.
  • First smile

    My first smile was when i was tickled ny my mom while changing my diaper.
  • First Family picture

    We all took a family picture. My Mom was wearing a red shirt with light wash blue jeans, My dad worn light wash blue jeans, a red shirt, and a black cowboy hat, and i wore a white one peice shirt with red boots on it, a red paisly skirt, and a matching hair bow. The picture still hangs on our wall today.
  • first trip away from home

    We went to Krogers to pick up diapers and formula.
  • Slept Threw The Night

    That night i slept from 8 p.m. - 7 a.m.. I am guessing my mother was very greatful that night.
  • First started reaching for objects

    I reached for my red and yellow pillow
  • Rolled over

    I completly rolled over onto my stomach while playing in my play pen.
  • Slept threw the night

  • Sat alone

    I sat alone and watched my favorite movie; Jungle book sing along tape staring Gemini Cricket
  • Got Ears periced

    My mom says i didnt even cry.
  • Mom's first b-day while i was born

    Mom's first birthday while i was born. She just turned 28
  • Dad's Birthday while i was born

    Dad had just turned 32
  • First steps

    While holding onto mommy's fingers
  • First Christmas

    i recived LOTS AND LOTS of presents that year.
  • First Birthday

    I had an Elmo birthday party!!!!!!
  • Slept in big girl bed

    I had my first big girl bed with looney tones comforters
  • First Hair cut

    i got my first trim!!
  • Got first dog, Lady

    Lady is a red heeler
  • Started kindergarden!

    I had the same teacher as many of my friends. That day i met my BEST FRIEND OF ALL TIMES Hailey Myers(7th Period).
  • Met my Best Friend

    Me and Hailey Myers(7th Period) have been Best friends for 8 years. We still have sleepovers every weekend. Me and Hailey have been in the same home room since kindergarden. sadily, we have no classes together this year
  • Baby Sister, Julia is born

    Julia is now 8 years old
  • First Soccer game

    First Soccer game
    We won 8-2
  • First Birthday sleepover

    Had mommy daughter party
  • First horseback riding lesson

    First horseback riding lesson
    Was on a brown pony named Joe.
  • Got 2nd dog, Oreo

    Ore is a black and white blue heeler. oreo died march 8, 2007
  • First Hunter/Jumper horse show

    At hiddenlake farm. I won the GRAND CHAMPION title at this show
  • First Family Vacation To Hawaii

    First Family Vacation To Hawaii
    We bought time share in Hawaii and we go visit every summer!
  • First eventing horse show

    At willow draw horse farm
  • Bought horse Jake

    i still have and ride jake everyday!!!!! He is a 16.1 1/2 hand dappled gray ex-racehorse thoroughbred
  • Baby Cousin Lathon was Born

    Lathon is my Cousin Laurens baby
  • Bought 2nd horse, Dee

    Dee is mainly for Julia to ride but i ride him too!!! Dee is a short little black pony.
  • First babysitting job

    Had to babysit two little girls; Kayla, 7 and Grace, 4
  • First day of Junior High School

    7th grade!!!!!!!!!!! At Barnett Junior High School!!!!!! *GO BEARS*
  • First Communion

    First Communion