3.4 French Revolution Timeline

  • Tennis Court Oath

    Tennis Court Oath
    Louis XVI summoned the Estates General Assembly due to a financial crisis. The three leaders of the nobility, community, and clergy argued that raising taxes would only hurt the economy considering the fact that citizens were fighting each other just for some bread. This was important because it displayed that authority should come from the people and not the monarchy. https://learnodo-newtonic.com/french-revolution-events-dates https://learnodo-newtonic.com/french-revolution-events-dates
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    French Revolution Important Events

  • Fall of Bastille

    Fall of Bastille
    An angry crowd marched on the fortress of Bastille in Paris. This fortress was holding political prisoners. The commander of Bastille had to surrender to the mob. This is an important part of the revolution because the fortress was seen as the monarchy's abuse of power https://historylists.org/events/list-of-10-major-events-of-the-french-revolution.html
  • Beginning of the "Great Fear"

    Beginning of the "Great Fear"
    The National Constituent Assembly began working on a new constitution. There was talk amongst people about the king having an aristocratic conspiracy and it was known as the "The Great Fear". This is very significant because it led to the lower class's revolt against feudalism. https://frenchrevolutiontimeline.com/
  • Abolition of Feudalism

    Abolition of Feudalism
    The king held an assembly and the noblemen voted to abolish the feudal right of all the nobility. The National Constituent Assembly declared feudalism to be abolished. This took away the rights of the aristocrats and the taxes of the clergy. https://frenchrevolutiontimeline.com/
  • March on Versailles

    March on Versailles
    A large crowd of protestors who were hungry and unemployed marched to the Palace of Versailles. They thought that the royal family lived in luxury and that they were left to suffer. This angered them so they broke into Queen Marie Antoinette's quarters. This is a really important event because this was the start of the French Revolution. https://historylists.org/events/list-of-10-major-events-of-the-french-revolution.html
  • Flight to Varennes

    Flight to Varennes
    The National Assembly suggested limits to the King's authority while making a new constitution. The new rules were that the king could still veto, but the National assembly could overrule. Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette tried to flee and denounced the revolution. This had a huge effect on everyone because now they were being led under a monarch who was against the new constitution. https://historylists.org/events/list-of-10-major-events-of-the-french-revolution.html
  • Dissolution of the National Assembly

    Dissolution of the National Assembly
    France was proclaimed a constitutional monarchy and the new constitution became official. The National Assembly was replaced by the Legislative Assembly. It ranged from royalists to radical republicans. This was important because nobody from the National Assembly was allowed to hold a seat in this new form of government. This meant there was no real political experience within the Legislative Assembly. https://historylists.org/events/list-of-10-major-events-of-the-french-revolution.html
  • Attack on the Tuileries Palace

    Attack on the Tuileries Palace
    The king was viewed as a traitor for trying to flee the country. The Legislative assembly was starting to divide. About 20,00 people attacked the Tuileries Palace. The King and Queen put themselves under the protection of the Legislative Assembly after escaping. This event was important because the king and queen ended up being arrested to avoid violence. This was the beginning of the September Massacre. https://historylists.org/events/list-of-10-major-events-of-the-french-revolution.html
  • Reign of Terror

    Reign of Terror
    A man named Maximilien Robespierre tried to dominate the Commitee of Public Safety and made himself the leader of the Reign of Terror. His main goal was to get rid of all of the people that went against the revolution. About 16,000 people were guillotined during this time period. This Reign of Terror made only worsened the divide among citizens instead of gaining an optimistic republic as the people had hoped. https://historylists.org/events/list-of-10-major-events-of-the-french-revolution.html
  • Trial of Louis XVI

    Trial of Louis XVI
    The Legislative Assembly Replaced itself with the National Convention. Louis was charged with treason. Both Louis and Marie ended up being executed by guillotine. This was a key event to the French Revolution because it was the first major execution before the Reign of Terror. https://historylists.org/events/list-of-10-major-events-of-the-french-revolution.html