My Life

  • born

    I was born 1997 Nov. 9 in Saint Marys Hospital
  • broke collor bone

  • First dog

    First dog
    One day I came home from school and then I had my dog Opey
  • Sister born

    Sister born
    Mylittle sister was born and me and my cusin were runing around.
  • Hunting

    My first time hunting and we did not get anything
  • Baseball

    My first day plaing for the BEARS
  • Broke toes

    I broke my toes by jumping of the trampelean
  • Sister had baby

    My sister had her baby when I was gone.
  • First day of school

    The first day of school was boring
  • Hit wit the base ball in haed

    I was up to bat I was not even by the plat and he wip the ball and It hit me in the head.