This is me!!

  • When my sister was born

    This day i wasnt born yet, so i dont know what happend
  • When I was born

    I cant rememder what happend but that was the day i was born.
  • When my sister, Brittney was born

    I can remember going to the hospital to see.
  • when i moved

    this day was one i will always remember! I like that new house smell.
  • My first plane ride

    I love planes, its fun taking off!
  • HOOKED!!

    The dock seemed to tilt with the wait of the people. Getting sea sick from the dock, I casted out my line, going two feet. Figures froze, I reeled it in. I went back for the casted and my mom shouted from behind “don’t move”. My sister was crying so hard, I think she was just scared. The hook went right under her chin and went in the skin, not fare. TO BE CONTIUED

    My dad went to the hospital with my ant. I sat there wondering if there’s any severe damage. They finally came to our cabin with some medication to help the scare heal. That day my mom siad i colt the best fish ever!
  • when we got our ranger

    They are alot of money , dad had to sell his two forweelers for it.
  • Our pool

    Our pool
    Me and my sister and brother fist swam in our pool, temperature was 65. It was almost frozen when we went swimming because our dad didnt heat it yet.
  • Our cabin!!!

    Our cabin!!!
    our cabim is one of my favorite places to be in the summer and winter. Some fun things we do up there is we love forth of july its the best time to be up there. onther thing i do up there is in the winter we ice scate and go snowmobeling.This is one of my favorite places in the world.
  • when we went to disney

    when we went to disney
    Disney is awsome and i got to meet mickey!! Also the other charators. my favorite rides are splash mountain, thounder mountain, the tower of terror, the rocking rollercoatser, test track the aminal kinndoms big mountain ride, i dont know what its called, and i love the beach!!!
  • when my brother was born

    that day we went to my ants house becaues my mom was in laber! The very same day we got o call saying that it was a boy. My family had bet it was going to be a girl but it was a boy. Hes the only boy besides my dad.