By boy99
  • Camping

    I was just a baby and me and my family were camping and then my mom turned around and BAM! There was a tick right on my eye. So my mom freaked out and my dad new what to do but he didn't want to hurt me. but they had to get it off I have know clue what he did but it must of hurt.What a memorableday that was.
  • Brother born

    In 2001 my little brother was born. That was a big accident.
  • Stairs

    Me and my little brother were talking at the top of the basement then BAM! He bumped in to me and I went tumbling down the wood stairs I was lucky I lived. I was five years old but that will be a day I’ll never forget. My shirt was all tears. My Grandma rushed down stairs my Grandpa ran out of the shower to see if I was ok. That spoiled a nice hot summer day .
  • My new dog

    I got a new dog and his name is chevy. He is a pain it was an accident getting him.
  • Skateboard Accident

    I was at my friend’s house and then BAM! I fell on my arm. It was my first time ever hitting something so hard. It hurt, so I was sitting in the hospital crying, and watching TV. Then the doctor came in and said, I broke it. That made me think I needed surgery so I cried more. Then he said I don’t need surgery. Next my other doctor came in and numbed it and snapped it back in place. But I felt every thing. Then I went home and rested my arm what memorable day that was.