Events In My Life

  • Born

  • My Brother Was Born

  • Moved To Florida

    Moved To Florida
    In 2001, my family and I moved to Florida. My parents told me at our house when I was three. We were moving so my Dad could go to Law school to be a Lawyer. The drive took three days and two nights. For three more years I lived in Florida.
  • Started Baseball

    Started Baseball
    I’ll always remember when I started baseball.
    I started playing when I was in kindergarten.
    My coach’s name was Mark. My team was the Reds.
    I’ve been playing baseball ever since.
  • Started Kindergarten

  • Grandpa Died

  • Moved Back To Wisconsin

    Moved Back To Wisconsin
    In 2006, my family and I moved back to Wisconsin. We moved because on February 25th, 2006, my Grandpa died. My Mom wanted to be there for my Grandma. We could move because my Dad had finished school. Since then I have lived in Wisconsin.
  • Burned My Foot

  • Went To The Dells

  • Started Hockey

  • Went To Florida On Vacation