• Born

    I was born in Appleton.
  • When my sister was born.

    I pied my pants when she was born.
  • First Day of School

    It was exiting and I was also nervous.
  • My first packer game

    It was the coolest thing that ever happend.
  • When I had surgery

    IT was my very first surgery.
  • When I went to California

    It was the first big trip. (that i remember)
  • I when to indian head

    I was the bigest ski hill ive ever been to
  • Road trip to South Dakota

    Road trip to South Dakota
    It was my very first long road trip.
  • Won punt pass and kick

    Won punt pass and kick
    I finally beat davis elm.
  • Took State in free throw shouting

    It was so cool. All my cousins came and my grampa and gramas.
  • My first home run

    It rocked.
  • My 12 birthday

    My 12 birthday
    It was so fun.