TImeline about my life

  • Rita was born.

    Rita was born.
    My sister Rita was born.
  • I was born

    I was born
    I was born
  • Dana was born

    Dana was born
    Dana was born. Dana is my sister.
  • Amanda was born

    Amanda was born
    Amanda is my second youngest sister.
  • Sleepover

    I had my first sleepover at my Grandma Barb's house.
  • Claire was born

    Claire was born
    She is my youngest sister. She is five years old.
  • Packers Family Fun Night

    Packers Family Fun Night
    Best Day Of My Life I had the best time of my life when I went to Packer’s Family Fun Night.
    I got to have my picture taken in front of the Vince Lombardi statue. It was almost an exact replica of him. We watched all the game. I saw a 79 yard touchdown. At the end, Mason Crosby booted a 55 yard field goal. Believe it or not, he made it in. I slept over after a good night of excitement at Packer’s Family Fun Night.
  • Cherry Picking

    Cherry Picking
    Cherry Picking In Door Co.
    I had a blast when I went cherry picking in Door Co with my Grandma Barb.
    We definitely did a lot of picking. We picked the finest cherries around. After we picked, we went to a park to mess around. We did that for 15 minutes. After we went to the park we ate at Storeheim’s. We had hamburgers as big as plates. I had Grandpa Bob finish my burger.
    That was my time Cherry picking.
  • First Communion

    I had my first fun communion at ABVM church. All my family members came. I had it with my cousin Kyle. My family gave me presents We had a big dinner after the mass. It was a fun day.
  • Grandpa Harry Dies

    My Grandpa Harry died at night.
  • Madison Field Trip.

    Madison Field Trip.
    I went to Maison with the fourth grade. I had a really good time. I came back at around 5:00p.m. I never saw anything nicer than the state capital.
  • Went to Manitowoc to see Maritime Musuem

    Went to Manitowoc to see Maritime Musuem
    We went to Manitowoc to see the Musuem. It was a little foggy that day so we couldn't see much. We saw the musuem too. We went to Algoma and Sturgeon Bay. It was fun.
  • Trip to Menominee Wisconsin

    Trip to Menominee Wisconsin
    We went past a trucking company in Menominee. We also went to UW Eau Claire for a prensentation at the planetarium. It was fun.I wonder what trucking company that was. I played badminton while I was there. I lost. That was my time in Menominee.
  • I joined 4H

    I joined 4H so I could earn some money. And so I could have sokmething better to do.
  • I played Wii for first time

    I played Wii for first time
    I played my cousins Nintendo Wii. I won a game of bowling. I had a lot of fun that day. I wished I had a Nintendo Wii
  • I went to A Timber Rattler Baseball game.

    I went to A Timber Rattler Baseball game.
    I went to a park before the game started. It was a fun day . the Rattlers lost and I was mad. I still have the ball I bought.
  • First Day Of Middle School.

    First Day Of Middle School.
    This was my first day of being in the Middle School. I found out Mr. Rohde was really nice.