Timeline pics 001

megan's life

By mea97
  • I was born

  • My dresser fell ontop of me

  • I moved into pulaski

    new house!
  • I went to Disney World

    I went to Disney World
    Disney I went to Disney World. I went with my whole family, 19 people. I met as many princesses I could. I had my fun at Disney by swimming, games, and meeting characters that I always saw on television. I never wanted to go home after all the fun I had! I hope I can go back to Disney.
  • my sister, Mirand died

  • I started school

  • I got my first pet, a fish

    My parents promised me a fish, I wanted a pet for a very long time. I named my fish rainbowstarfish, i was really young. My fish was a barracouda, My parents found out that my fish died, and didn't tell me until three weeks after, I don't know how I couldn't tell.
  • my sister, Faith died

  • I made my best friend, Lauren

    I made my best friend, Lauren
    We met in school.
  • I traveled to Canada.

    I was in Canada for 7 days. Fun.
  • My Uncle and Grandpa died

    He had a heart attack.
  • I made my first state time

    I qualified to compete against the whole state.
  • First Zone Meet

    First Zone Meet
    I qualified for my first zone meet! I qualified for a zone meet! I swam at a pool in Indianapolis. It was the same pool that Michael Phelps swam in when he was a kid. I swam against 18 states. I felt so good when I was leaving, but I new I was coming back.
  • Brian got Cancer

    Cancer? My favorite cousin got cancer. Bryan was 14 when he found out he had cancer. He found out when he was at the hospital for hurting his arm. Bryan had cancer for a year before he stopped kemo. Nobody close to him will ever forget the hard time he’s going through.
  • I graduated from Elementry School