• First house

    First house
    In 1994 my parents built their second house on Creek Valley Lane and they lived there for 15 years, my sister lived there for nine years and I seven years. We all love that house very much because it was when we all became a family also. Also because that was Michaela’s and my first house.
  • I was Born!

    I was Born!
    I was born on March 11, 1998. I was born at Bellin Hospital. The time I was born was around the mid morning and I weighed 7 pounds 12 ounces. When I was born my sister was two years old and she could not wait until I was born. All in all, that day was one of my parents most important day of their lives!
  • Walking

    In 1999 I just had learned how to walk and I was starting to get into things that I was not supposed to. So when ever my parents were not looking I would take off. One of the things that I loved to do when I was a baby was to eat. So every chance I had I would take off to the fridge and look for food. Until the day that I got caught!
  • The first time I went to Florida

    The first time I went to Florida
    The winter of 1999, I went to Florida for my very first time. I was only one years old the first time I went. My Mom, Dad, Michaela, and me went to visit my grandparents because they live there in the winter. We went to Everglades Florida for two weeks. In conclusion that started a family tradition because now every year we go to Florida as a family.
  • Dance Recital

    Dance Recital
    In 2002 when I was four years old, me and my friend Abby were in dance. In the middle of February we had our first dance recital. The one thing that I do remember about my recital was that unlike everyone who eles who stood and cried on stage, I danced the whole time!
  • I moved

    I moved
    When I was 7 years old something happened that changed my life; I moved! Me and my family moved into Thornberry Creek. The way I found out was my Mom, Dad, Michaela and I all went to the new house and Michaela and I did not know why were there until my Dad said so which room do you guys want! As soon as my Dad said that Michaela and I both started to scream. All in all, I knew this was going to be a new beginning.
  • I'm a Flower Girl!

    I'm a Flower Girl!
    When I was five years old I went to my Aunt Beth’s wedding. Me and my sister both wore pink matching dresses, and were the flower girls! The wedding was at Lambeau Feild. After the wedding and taking pictures we also had the reception at Lambeau Feild. My favorite part about the wedding was eating all of the delicious food!
  • First concert

    First concert
    In 2005 I went to my first concert. I went with both of my parents, my cousin Cheyenne, and my sister Michaela we went to see Keith Urban. His tour was called Alive in ’05 we went to see the concert at the Resch Center in Green Bay.
  • Cousin #1

    Cousin #1
    In 2006 for the first time I became a big cousin. On June 6th , 2006 I got a new baby cousin her name was Tia Marie. I remeber when she was born when ever I would hold her, she would always hold on to your hand and never let go. Tia was the quietest baby that i have ever met, until she got older!
  • New addition

    New addition
    In 2006 after we moved we added an addition to our family! We adopted a cat from the Green Bay Humane Society. We adopted a new cat because when my parents got married they wanted to have a cat so the got our cat Spencer but after 16 and a half years he had passed way three weeks after we moved. Without an animal in our house it did not feel like home so we adopted Kit-Kat!
  • Gymnastics Competition

    Gymnastics Competition
    In 2006 I had my first gymnastics competition. The competition was in Milwaukee Wisconsin. I was eight years old and I competed as a level three.At that competition I competed with some of my best friends; Hannah, Alexis, and Shealyn. At the competition I placed on every event on bars I got 6th, beam I got 3rd, valut i got 1st, and floor I got 2nd place and in all-around I got 4thh place. At the end of the day I was very happy because I was with my friends and doing something I love!
  • Cousin #2

    Cousin #2
    Just when I thought I got lucky when I got 1 new cousin I got another one and now Tia had just got a little sister. My newest cousin and Tia’s new baby sister was born on May 6th , 2007 and her name is Alexis Grace. Alexis (Lexie Lu) was born 2 months premature. After she was born she had to stay in the hospital for 2 weeks. But soon she got healthier and now she is a joy to have in my family!
  • Camping

    In 2008 my grandparents, cousin Cheyenne, sister Michaela and I went on a camping trip to Hayward Wisconsin. In Hayward, we did many fun things such as rafting down the river, going to water parks, bike riding, and having tons and tons of camp fires!
  • Vacation

    In 2007 my sister Michaela, Aunt Barb and I went to Orlando Florida for a little vacation. On our vacation we went to Sea World and watched the Shamoo (the whale) show, and rode on many rides but we rode on Journey to Atlantis 12 times in a row. As you can probably tell, Journey to Atlantis was my favorite ride! But, my favorite memory of that trip was just chilling out with my aunt and sister at the pool and hotel.
  • Another kid!

    Another kid!
    In the end of July of 2010, my cousin Cheyenne moved into our house with us. She moved in with us because she was going to start college close to our house and her house is far away. I enjoy having her live with us because now she always does my hair! She always does my hair because she is going to college to be a beautiction! So having Cheyenne live with us has been a nice addition to our family at home!