6 Events That Helped Me Progress To Where I Am Now.


    The experience of camping helped me to learn about the outdoors and learning how to do certain stuff in the mountains that I could use later in my life.

    It helped me learn and meet new people and teach me how to be more outgoing andI can use the stuff I learned in school to help me progressi in life.

    It helped me become stronger and gain will power from playing baseball and basketball and taught me teamwork and how to work with others as a team.

    It helped me become closer to god and more religous . It helped me live by the bible and accepted jesus christ as my savior.
  • Both Grandparents Died

    It made an influence on me because they taught me so many things important in life and they were also very close to me. They taught me to presevere and never give up to things you think you can't do.
  • Brother leaving to college.

    It impacted my life because I had to get used to not being able to see my brother every day as close as he is to me. It helped me learn to get on with stuff and to be independent.