chapter 1-5

  • Jul 18, 1215

    Magna Carta was signed

    Important land mark on th e way to democracy
  • Jul 18, 1517

    Beggining of Reformation

    Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses to the door of Wittenberg's All Saints Church
  • James I becomes Ruler

    Elizabeth I died
  • Mayflower lands at plymouth rock

    puritans founded a colony at plymouth rock
  • Charles I becomes ruler

    James I died.
  • petition of rights introduced

    Gave people The right to go to the court
  • Start of the civil War

    Tore apart the country
  • Charles I dies

    He was Found guilty of treason and senteced to death
  • Cromwell dies

    that ended the republican experiment
  • Charles II Became King of England

    popular decision
  • Charles II dies

    created problem for parliment because his succsesor James II was openly Catholic
  • The glorious revolution

    Parliment invitited james' protestant daughtner Mary and her husband William to become king and Queen of England
  • bill of rights

    our constition in Canada restates the principles of the bill of rights
  • Louis XV came to throne

    Great gandfather louis IV Dies
  • The seven years' war ends

  • Lois XVI married marie antoinette

    she was a member of the austrian royal family
    Austriawas enemys with france so she was unliked from the start
  • Louis XVI came to throne

    did little to improve conditions for middle and lower class
  • Louis XVI called the estaes general to meet at versailles

    They hoped this meeting would rais enough money to put an end to the wide spread rioting
  • Tennis Court oath

    a pledge that they would continue meeting until France had a new form of government
  • the fall of the bastille

    troops sent to disperse the mob joined it instead
  • Paris formed a new army called the National Guard

    commanded by the Marquis de lafayette, a hero of the American revolution
  • the great fear

    peasents stormed the chateux of the aristocrats, burned them to the groundand killed hundreds of people
  • National assembly met in versailles

    declared all people equal before law
  • decleration of the rights of man and the citizen

    was past by the national assembly wich sets out basic rights the governments may overlook
  • National assembly met in versailles

    all feudal rights and privlages were abolished and serfdom was ended
  • King queen and children tried to escape in disguise

    they were recognized in VArennes, arrested and imprisoned
  • Marat was murdered in his bath by Charlotte Corday

    danton and robespherre would eventually take over the national assembly and the revolution
  • Reign of Terror

    Government passed a number of harsh laws designed to eliminate who disagrees with the radical jacobsins
  • reign of terror

    Government passed a number of harsh laws designed to eliminate who disagrees with the radical jacobins
  • Danton stood up to government

    he was beheaded
  • Napolean won won brilliant victories in italy

    he drove out the austrians and setup new french controlled republics.
  • Napolean promised the people of italy freedom.

    The promise to free them was overstated
  • napolean helped to overthrow the government of France

    Napolean adopted the title of first consul and set about improving french life in many ways.
  • Napolean crowned himself emporer of france

    he had complete control over the country's affairs. he even had a secret police force wch could arrest anyone for almost any reason
  • war between canada and the united states

  • Napolean assembled the largest army in europe at the time (about 600 000 soldiers)

    he promised the soldiers of each nationality that they would be able to form there own countries after the war.
  • Napolean was imprisoned

    a british ship tok napolean to the island of st. helena, where he remined until his death