2 j.elliott french rev

  • Period: to

    deficet spending

    taxes on the third estateThe kings tax the 3rd estate and the first two estates did not pay taxes at all. As well as the 3rd estate had to pay off the war
  • louis calls the estates general

    louis calls the estates general
    Louis in preperation has all three estates make these things
    called cahiers or list of compliants or grevances many of them
    had things that say lower taxes or tax the first two estates.
  • storm the bastille

    storm the bastille
    The parisians attack and take over the prison called bastille
    capture the commander and kill five gaurds and tourture the
    commander and force him to beg for death the parade around
    with his head on a pic which starts a new tradtion
  • rights of men

    rights of men
    The rights if men gave rights to all men that they could own land
    liberty security. Also it did not gaqve rights to women
  • Period: to

    the revolution starts

    the french revthe revolt starts to take shape
  • Escape

    Louis and his familly attempts to escape to asturia. Because
    Maria has familly there and has connections. Fails because
    one of the people reconize the king they see this as treason. As well as they where receving death threats.
  • pilintz

    The kings of Prussia and Astruia make a declartion of pilintz.

    Which states that they will inertvene to keep the monarch
    alive it was a bluff. Then the civil war was taking shape
    and it was starting to become more and more voilent
  • march

    The fish ladys march 13.1 miles to versialle. Also the women get
    in versaille and demand the queens death the queen barely
    gets away. They tell her to leave to paris
  • The war starts

    The war starts
    The revolution goes just being words to now gun powder and last
    it last till 1815. The french eventually win
  • the monarchy is abolished

    the monarchy is abolished
    The war started and the monacrhy is abolished because the fighters have taken over the government. They charged the palace of the tuileries. Killing the guards. It offically get abolished when they kill the king and queen
  • Period: to

    reign of terror

    robespierreThe reign of terror is the time spand where they where accusing
    any and everyone that did not obey or seem to obey they
    emdililately kill them. lead by robespierre
  • 3 stage of revoultion

    It attempts are being made to make it a constitutional monarch.
    They turn to Napoleon Bonaparte. He is a popular war hero.