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    french deficit

    deficitthe french were going through finacial troubles that started from louis the xiv up to louis the xvi this is because the kings would spend money on pleasure rather than nesscity for the country and borrowed money until they ran up a huge debt. the other reason french was in debt is because of their society the 1st and 2nd estates made up the clergy and the noble class who were'nt taxe unlike the 3rd estates which were low class and texed heavy
  • Lois xvi calls the estates general

    louis calls for estates general which is a council of the 3 estates that make up france.The estates come up with a note book full of grievience called cahier to present to the king
  • storming bastille

    parisians attack bastille in search for gun powder and overthrow the gaurds and kill the warden
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    The national assembly acts

    the nationl assemblythe assembly issue the declaration of the right of man where all man are equal. the nationl assembly take privliages from the upper class and they are all equal the NA then put the catholic church under state control and high members of church are elected. In 1791 the national assembly completed the consitution and set up limited monarchy and a new legislative had the power to tax and make laws
  • threats from abroad

    in august 1791 king of prussia and emperor of austria make the declaration of plint which states that they will interveine to protect the monarch. the french take the threat serious and plan to go to war with the 2 countrys
  • civil war

    with the new legislative assembly starting to fail. control for france is up for grabs. radical groups in france start to raise and fight for power within government
  • monarchy is abolished

    parisians storm the royal palace and kill off the kings gaurd because of the suspecision that the king was in league with the enemys forceing thre royal family to flea their palace. on january 21 1793 king louis was executed by order of the national convention which was thought to be the end of monarch
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    robespierre and the reign of terror

    when france was in its time of need during the revolution it was out of control to fix the problem france made a committee of safety and robespierre soon rose to power he started to rule france with a iron fist and was quick to execute anyone who disagreed with him and soon had the people in france fearing fotr their lives but tired of blood shed and fear for thier lives the committe turned on robespierre and had him executed
  • third stage of the revolution

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