1st - 3rd Crusade

  • Period: Nov 15, 1095 to Oct 15, 1096

    People's Crusade

    A crusade started by Peter the Hermit in 1095 CE. It consisted of a ragtag army of peasants and low-ranking knights. These people set off for Jerusalem in an attempt to capture it. However, the crusade was a complete failure due to the poor leadership and little traing of its participants. The crusade did manage to popularize the idea of a crusade though, which made more people lend support during the first crusade
  • Period: Nov 27, 1096 to Jan 15, 1099

    First Crusade

    The first crusade was the only truely succesful crusade. It was invoked by Pope Urban II to regain the holy lands from Muslims and to respond to the plea of help from the Byzantine king, Alexius, whose kingdom was being invaded by Seljuk Turks. The invading army took land routes to get the Holy Land and along the way they captured important ports and cities, such as Nicea. They eventually reached Jerusalem where they laid seige to it and captured. They then established the Kingdom of Jerusalem.
  • Period: Jul 22, 1099 to Jan 16, 1187

    Kingdom of Jerusalem

    Established in 1099 after the first Crusade,it was one of four crusader states established. It was re-conquered by Muslims under the command of Saladin in 1187. Subsequently the Third Crusade reconquered it in 1192 and re-establised the kingdom at Acre. The Kingdom of Acre lasted until 1291, when it was lost at the Battle of Acre.
  • Period: Jan 16, 1147 to Jan 16, 1149

    Second Crusade

    The Second Crusade was started in response to the recapture of the crusader state, Edessa by Muslim forces. This crusade was also started by Pope Eugene III and was led by Euorpean kings. It was mostly a failure in the sense that French and German troops were all defeated in the Middle East by Seljuk Turks. However they did manage to capture Libson, Portugual by taking sea routes. This was the only positive effect of the second crusade.
  • Period: May 18, 1189 to Sep 2, 1192

    Third Crusade

    This crusade was started to recapture the kingdom of Jerusalem from Saladin's forces. It, similar to the other crusades, was also encouraged by a Pope and the French and English kings of the time stopped a war between each other to fight in it. This crusade was mostly succsesful with wins at battles such as, the Battle of Acre and Arsuf. They managed to capture important coastal cities and establish the Kingdom of Acre, though they never recaptured Jerusalem which led to the fourth Crusade.
  • Period: Jan 16, 1192 to Apr 28, 1291

    Kingdom of Acre

    The kingdom of Acre was a tiny kingdom on the coast of modern day Isreal that only really encompassed several important cities. It only lasted a century and was supposed to be expanded into Jerusalem during the fourth and fifth crusades however the fourth one was diverted from its original target of Egypt to Byzantine and the fifth one ran out of supplies once it captured Egypt. The Kingdom of Acre was laid seige to in 1291 by Muslim forces and after its fall the kingdom was essentially over.